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Nigeria Scams: eBay Blog Post Oct. 9, 2006

Stop a SCAMMER Today!

Good Morning eBay Land!

I have decided to make a post to use as a reference for the many email/questions I get about the "Nigeria Scam".

It's getting crazy with so much of it going on.
Almost every eBay member has gotten one of these crazy notices at least once.
NOW, with the Holidays coming, GET READY eBay Land because the
Scams are going to get Bigger and Better.

Protect yourself NOW!

Prepare yourself!

There are many desperate people trying to make "fast Bucks" for the holidays.
AND keep in mind, they won't ALL be from Nigeria.

STAY ALERT my friends.

Consider this the HIGHEST Alert time for Schemers.

This post will be a reference place to send customers asking questions about these issues.
I have researched information and have it all posted here in one area.

And remember:
WHEN IN DOUBT, Change your Password .. QUICK!
Never click links through emails.
Go to a Bookmarked page in YOUR computer that links direct to eBay.
Visit "Your Ebay" see if you have any messages.
REPORT all Nigeria type messages.
If you did get it through the eBay system, CLICK FORWARD.
Forward it to yourself.
Then open your email.
Include the header/footer and FORWARD the entire email to:

HERE are the Guides I have found that others have written about this issue:

Scams of the trade...on Ebay

Nigiria Fraud... could involve other countries

The Nigeria Scam

Identifying Ebay Scammers FAST!!

Ebay seller BEWARE!!!!!FRAUD!!!!!!

How To Protect Yourself From Scammers/Fraudster On eBay

Western Union and Nigeria Scams

Stop the Nigerians No More Nigerian Fraud Buyers

John Deer Tractor ScamThe

John Deer Tractor Scam was hit by my husband.

It happened to his eBay account.

Please help keep eBay

a Safe Trading Community!


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PhilipCohen said...

Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #2

Shining some light on the more sophisticated and therefore harder to detect shill bidding activity by some “professional” sellers on eBay auctions

This time a spreadsheet analysis of multiple auctions, from some "professional" sellers from the US and Australia. Needless to say the analysis demonstrates, once again, that, contrary to eBay's claims, shill bidding by many “professional” sellers is rampant on eBay auctions. The full comment and spreadsheet download links at:

And, the earlier case study of blatantly naïve shill bidding at:

And my even earlier ramblings on the matter of “hidden bidders”, “eBay introduces absolute anonymity for (shill) bidders” at:

A most disingenuous, unscrupulous, criminal organisation—eBay that is.