Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Twitter eBook

Twitter Simplified

Click on the eBook to download your FREE COPY of:
Twitter Simplified!
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Share it, sell it, pass it around, most of all ENJOY IT!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Faster process for unpaid items

Unpaid items:
Streamlined process cuts time in half.

If a buyer doesn't pay, you can open an "unpaid item" case through the eBay Resolution Center. Changes to this process, coming in September, will make it faster and more efficient to get resolution—either getting paid, or getting your Final Value Fees refunded and your inventory "back on the shelf."

  • Time to resolution will essentially be cut in half—from as long as 60 days to about 30 days—mainly as a result of reducing the emails and "back-and-forth steps. You can choose to start the process as early as 4 days after the item ends, and have it close as soon as 8 days after the item ends.

  • Fewer pages to fill out means opening and closing cases will be easier and less time-consuming. And you'll be able to contact Customer Support via phone or chat as well as email.

  • Email communications with your customers will be clearer and more neutral in tone and come from eBay (no more mandatory back and forth between buyer and seller). There will also be fewer emails overall.

  • You'll even be able to choose to have the process initiated automatically—especially helpful for sellers with very high transaction volume. The new automated process will roll out gradually starting at the end of September and we are planning to make it available to all sellers by the holiday season.

  • With the automated process, buyers won't be permitted to leave Feedback when a claim is open.
Read all the details at:
Faster process for unpaid items

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you riding the eBay Drama Train?

Did you read the news?

Did you see the reports?

He said, she said a news website wrote it so it MUST be true. Hurry over and email Mr. Donahoe, OMG we must call out the troops. Our sales will be gone.
Better stop selling on eBay right now!

Email Obama let him know about eBay. He may be able to help put a stop to change!
Ya think?
Oh ya, Obama supports change, never mind don’t let him know about this tragedy of reported change.

Let’s see who can cash in on “The Fame” of some super secret news that MAY or MAY NOT be true. Let me waste more of my time seeking out as much negativity that I can.

Climb on board the drama train and enjoy that wonderful negative energy that feels so good.

Follow every comment. Keep track of those classy made-up names.

By the way, what day is this?

Oh who cares, I have drama to follow!

Drama is way more fun then selling on eBay.
Does drama pay your bills?

Excuse me, but how is this helping your career? All the time and energy spent on drama could be productive positive energy spent on making money and becoming a BETTER eBay seller!

Don’t worry about the changes coming.
Adjust your business accordingly and carry on.

Don’t worry about what he said/she said and worry more about YOU, your business your family and the bills. Too many people are losing homes and giving up.

Today I want to encourage you to NOT GIVE UP!

Become a better eBay seller and rise above the drama. Because it will indeed suck you in so fast that soon it will be next week and you will have no money. WHY?

Because you spent too much time riding the drama train!

I dare you to put all that energy into researching a new product to sell, listing items, editing current listings,educating , learning and/or doing some marketing for your business. Pull that drama train cord to STOP and get off that train now!

Walk away from the drama. Stay clear of it.

Negative energy produces negative results.
Positive energy produces positive results.

If you want to keep track of the real eBay news then follow it directly from the sources available at eBay:
eBay Announcement board:

eBay InkBlog:

eBay News Room:

Like Politics? Join eBay’s Main Street and spend some of that energy supporting a cause for e-Commerce change. They will provide you with letters to send to your local representatives:

Bottom line: FOCUS!

You are in control of your future; eBay is NOT controlling your future.

How you run your business is YOUR choice.
Changes are a part of every day life.
We decide how we handle them.

We decide!

Rise above the drama and continue on to become the best eBay seller you can be!
Accepting our changing world and making it work for you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

eBay Tour Bus (

The tour bus leaves tonight at 8:00 PM EST
From your computer screen!

Join us for a Virtual Tour of eBay Land!
We will explore together interesting items, pages and sites.
Learn about the eBay Community and lots more!!!!

This FREE Webinar is provided by:
A site dedicated to helping members be the BEST ONLINE SELLERS they can be!

Sign up for the Webinar, bring a friend or a few:
Forward the link and have them sign up early,
Space is limited:
Don't be late for the tour!!!

Virtual refreshments will be served!!!!


(Follow-up will be posted sharing the tour)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Virtual eBay Classes ONLINE Learning

Now you can learn about most any topic online through the luxury of your computer.
Direct from your home office logging into a Virtual Classroom is a breeze!

Yesterday I launched a new site called:
Virtual MeetUp Online Learning

And for those that do not want to join I am offering all the sessions from my eBay store for individual purchase too.
The price is a bit higher if you purchase through my eBay store as membership includes sessions for free and/or at a discounted rate.

Visit my eBay store for details:"

Meanwhile, check out the site and feel free to ask questions.
Of if you would like me to arrange a special webinar I will be happy to set it up OR if you would like to be a guest speaker for one of my presentations, would love to have you!
Greatly appreciate you for stopping by today!!!
All the best,
Danna Crawford