Thursday, October 29, 2009

Body Magic can be found on eBay

I had the pleasure having this sweet eBay seller on my radio show. (you can click the yellow banner below to hear the segment while you browse eBay and learn more)
Meanwhile, you can check out her products.
The body magic one I am especially looking forward to trying out myself.
Check it out:

Body Magic_RESHAPER....Drop up to 3 sizes in minutes!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Join the eBay Green Team

Join the eBay Green Team
Global Citizenship At eBay Headquarters


Status: Published
Publish Date: April 14, 2009
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: ebay green team, earth day, saving, environment, libby reder, john donahoe

eBay has been a green company since day one! I mean think about it, this has been a marketplace providing a way for all users to buy and sell used products. Keeping products out of landfills and making money at the same time! What more could anyone ask for! THANKS EBAY!

86 million buyers and sellers on eBay have reused over $100 billion worth of products since 1998.

eBay staff has been a part of the “Green Team’ for several years as they were making eBay a Greener place to work. This team has evolved into a huge organization standing behind a great cause!

The Green Team was developed and launched publicly last month. I was honored to have Libby Reder on my radio show @ . Libby is the Program Manager of Global Citizenship at eBay. “The green team evolved very organically” she shares with us during the interview. She further explains how eBay's leadership stands behind this project 100% with creating a "Greener eBay!"

John Donahoe, eBay's CEO was part of the "Green Vine" cutting ceremony during the grand opening of eBay's "Mint" building in May, 2008. This building holds 3,248 solar panels covering 60,000 square feet. And was designed and built to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard. (more details and photos on this project can be read at:

Join the Green Team today and you could WIN! They are giving away some great prizes, including a $5,000.00 shopping spree! (yes I already entered and boy would I love to go shopping with that!) And, if you are a winner please visit my eBay store! ((smiles)) It's easy to enter, check it out at: Enter To Win

The eBay green team can use people like you on their team sharing ideas, exchanging green tips and just browsing through the green community. Learn more at:

NOTE: "Earth Day is April 22"

Attention eBay Sellers that are shipping Green: Visit my site and take the pledge:

Are you an eBay Twit or Just a Twitter'er

Are you an eBay Twit or Just a Twitter'er
Twitter is a Tweet Tool


Status: Published
Publish Date: September 25, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: twitter, ebay, follow, following, social networking, twit, twits

“Twitter is a Tweet Tool!” Now say it 10 times as fast as you can. After you try that you will get the “fun” feeling that Twitter is.

Twitter allows us to mix business with pleasure. The best way to describe twitter: Twitter is a social, real-time, LIVE, short messaging system. It alloys you to post a message, under 140 characters and send it out to all those that are following you. Those people can then read the message directly from their twitter home page.

Many eBay members including staff, have joined in with the networking process. Staying up-to-date with trends and eBay happenings.

Visit my twitter page at:

Staying active in Twitter can help build a client base. Business owners can seek out customers by using the search box within the twitter system. The key is to grow your following and to follow those that interest you. It's a fun way to socialize and to blend business with pleasure.

You can send "Tweets" from your cell phone,computer,iphone and many different applications within the internet.

You can add a Twitter widget to your MySpace page, Facebook, blogs and/or websites. I have one at the bottom of

They have several styles of widgets to pick from. I have a different one on each of my sites.

To learn more about Twitter, visit: The Twitter Blog.

Once you sign up, please "Follow Me" at:

For the experienced "Twit", here is a very cool counter you can add to your website, MySpace, Blog or any site you would like. Called:Twitter Count.

Following too many Twits? Here is a great site to see how many people you're following and adjust your settings as desired. Great master list making it easy to un-follow as well. Called: Less Friends.

So, whether you’re an eBay Twit or just an internet Twit, this tool will work for all involved!

There's No Place Like Kansas to Learn eBay

There's No Place Like Kansas to Learn eBay
Kansas Jubilee eBayer Convention


Status: Published
Publish Date: September 25, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: ebay, convention, jubilee, hays kansas, university

October 3rd and 4th is the date of this powerful event to take place in Hays Kansas at Fort Hays State University,College of Business and Leadership.

A 2 day eBay eCommerce Convention.

Meet the experts

* eBay Expert Workshop Presenters

Cindy Shebley, Certified Education Specialist Catalog photography * Marketing on eBay Website: Clover City Sells

Sharon Ware: eBay Certified Business Consultant Stores Expert:Creating a Brand with eBay Stores Website: Dandelion Consulting

Danna Crawford: Power Selling Mom Mission Fish/Giving Works expert
2008 eBay Hall Of Fame Winner Award winner Giving Works Website: Power Selling Mom

CJ Jacinto:eBay Certified Education Specialist Packing/Shipping

Paul Hedgecock: eBay Certified Education Specialist: Expert: Trading Assistant

Suzanne Randa: Rural Economic Development through eBay

Represented Workshops by eBay/PayPal Staff

eBay: Jim "Griff" Griffith (Friday only) PayPal: Jason Miner (Friday/Saturday) eBay Seller Development; Sarah Brubacher • Become a Overnight “Star” Seller; Boost Your Customer Service, DSR and Feedback Building and maintaining a stellar reputation is key to success for online sales. Discover the latest seller strategies, including our new pricing structure and seller tools

eBay Search: Gene Cook (Friday)/Saturday Search: Jason Folk (Friday/Saturday) • Catching Customers: Improve Your Visibility in Search Results Which format works best – Auctions, Store Inventory, Fixed Price- for your unique stock of products? With our recently enhanced search features, you will see how certain listings are promoted or demoted and, more importantly, what you can do to improve the visibility of your listings. Get personal mentoring on strategies that will help you take advantage of eBay’s Fixed Price and Auction formats

Community Relations: Garnor Morales (Friday only)

Registration is only $49.00 To learn more visit:

I am looking forward to this event. The price is right and the scenery is beautiful. Please check a Google map because many of you may be able to drive in. And hotel rates are extremely reasonable. This will be a great opportunity to learn and socialize with some of eBay's finest. If you prefer to fly in, Hays has an airport and there are several other surrounding airports as well. Including Wichita, which is where I am flying into.

Learn some marketing strategies and get selling for the holidays. Hope to see you in Kansas!

The Presidential Race at eBay

The Presidential Race at eBay
Polls are open and changing 24/7


Status: Published
Publish Date: September 08, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: obama, mccain, palin, biden, presential race, democrat, republican

The Presidential race is taking place at eBay 24/7. The polls are open and the votes change every day, hour and minute.

With this type of election, everyone is a winner! Especially "The People."

The people in this case are the eBay sellers and the eBay buyers. They are the winners because the sellers are selling items and the shoppers are finding the items they want. Both are winners in this election! A true win-win situation!

The numbers as of September 8, 2008 at approximately 10:30 AM EST are:


* McCain - 3802
* Obama - 7332

Keep in mind when you click on the numbers, they will be different totals than the numbers I have posted. They will be according to the current date and time that you are here viewing them.

The VP's running are also available at eBay and changing often:


* Palin 2460
* Biden 811

A few interesting searches I found:

* If I put both McCain and Obama into one, only 599 results came up.
* Palin and Biden in one search, the results are only 25
* All four names together: McCain,Palin,Obama,Biden:15
* Presidential Election Results with only 75 items.
* 2008 for President 229
* Democrat 2008 131
* Republican 2008 211

I keep busy by working on my site: I did a section for presidential wholesale items. The results on these "Polls" were just as interesting:

* Wholesale McCain 4
* Wholesale Obama 7

Sellers, if you have Presidential items, now is the time to get them listed.

Supporters of either party, at eBay you can find all kinds campaign items, From T-shirts to buttons. The race is on at eBay!

eBay Giving Works is Standing UP To Cancer


Status: Published
Publish Date: August 30, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: ebay giving works stand up to cancer 2 charity nonprofit nbc cbs abc katie couric

There is a powerful movement called: Stand Up To Cancer. This nonprofit organization has joined the force through MissionFish by entering into the system. Now, Stand Up To Cancer has been launched into the eBay Giving Works platform which allows this organization even more worldwide exposure. Everyone can find amazing auction and eBay store items supporting this cause People around eBay land and the world are Standing Up To Cancer, including myself.

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer? Did you also know that cancer takes 1 person every minute? Cancer is out of control.

I lost my dad to rectal cancer in 2005. He was at the young of 61 and had just retired. This horrible disease has made my family and I very mad. I am Standing Up To cancer and will do my best to help support this cause.

Read a segment from Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) mission Statement: Working with the top experts in cancer research, Stand Up To Cancer is forging a new way to develop breakthroughs that will end cancer. We’re putting together the best and the brightest minds in cancer research – those on the edge of accomplishment – investing in their projects and taking the bureaucratic obstacles out of their way. We are building interdisciplinary “Dream Teams” of scientists, clinicians, technicians and other experts, who will focus on a specific cancer problem. We’ll track their progress in real time, so that everyone who invests can see how their participation is creating real change.

I personally kicked off my own campaign to do my part by using the convenience of the eBay Giving Works platform. I created: and I will point this domain to each listing that goes into the Giving Works system helping a cause.

The traveling charity bag is launching off with eBay item number:160276749832.

To learn more about Stand Up To Cancer, you can watch the YouTube video by Katie Couric explaining it all.

On September 5th, the television networks: ABC, CBS and NBC are networking together for 1 hour of commercial-free prime time to raise funds for the fight against cancer. Over 50 of the most renowned personalities in TV, film, sports and music will come together to make history!

Including: Jennifer Aniston, James Taylor, Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep, David Cook, Christina Applegate, Lance Armstrong, Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, Charles Barkley, America Ferrera, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Forrest Whitaker, Jimmy Fallon, Keanu Reeves * will make personal appearances on the show.

The premiere TV performance of “Just Stand Up” – the star studded charitable single in support of Stand Up To Cancer will be performed by legendary recording artists Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes, and Carrie Underwood. Don’t miss out! Tune in September 5th at 8pm on ABC, NBC and CBS!

Meanwhile, start shopping, directly donating or listing items for this cause on eBay by joining all of us with our listings at: eBay Giving Works.

Paperless Payments at eBay Protecting Buyers from Fraud

Paperless Payments at eBay Protecting Buyers from Fraud
Improved Checkout


Status: Published
Publish Date: August 21, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: ebay changes, paperless payments, paypal, propay, fraud protection, danna crawford

Sellers will no longer be able to offer money orders or checks as a form of payment after October, 2008.

eBay is going “Paperless” which means PayPal will be the leader in payment options. Another company will be in available for those not wanting to use PayPal. A company called: ProPay.

Sellers with merchant accounts may continue to use their accounts and local pick-up is up to the seller if they would like to accept a check or MO at time of pick-up. If the payment is made through eBay, it must be an approved electronic payment method that is integrated through the eBay system.

eBay is simply trying to provide a consistent and secure system for buyers by providing an easy to use check-out procedure. Paying for items on eBay is safe, fast and secure. When buyers leave the eBay platform to pay for items, they are more vulnerable to fraud.

When I purchase an item on eBay, I never wait for the seller to send me an invoice. I instantly pay for my item through PayPal. I purchase the item and then pay for the item. It is a fast and reliable system to do business this way. Next step is only to wait for my item to arrive and give the seller a five star rating!

When I am teaching eBay, I especially talk about the importance of a simplified selling system. With eBay going paperless, the selling and buying system will be the simplest for both.

Bottom line:

* Improved checkout.
* Fewer Unpaid Items.
* Greater protection against online fraud.

NOTE to Sellers: I suggest you start removing the check/money order options from your listings now.

NOTE to Buyers: I suggest you join PayPal ASAP. PayPal is free to join and is used worldwide.

eBay Makes a Bold Move: 35 Cents For 30 Days

eBay Makes a Bold Move: 35 Cents For 30 Days
Fixed Price Listings: 35 Cents = 30 Days

Status: Published
Publish Date: August 20, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: announcement, ebay changes, listing fees, fixed price, 30 days, 35 cents

This is awesome news for many eBay sellers including myself!

If you’re not selling on eBay yet, now is the time to take advantage of this change taking place.

With the holidays around the corner, eBay is making this “Bold Move” to continue with keeping eBay as the most competitive marketplace on the net.

Best part, this is NOT a promotion. It is not a temporary thing. eBay is allowing us to list items for the duration of 30 days and pay a listing fee of only 35 cents! WOW!

The price change will go into effect on September 16, 2008. This drastically reduced fee is for buy it now, fixed price listings. eBay motors is excluded from this offer.

35 cent insertion fee for 30 days: Any start price or item quantity. They are also offering reduced final value fees (closing fees) for some of the categories, including:

* Cameras
* Consumer Electronics
* Computers

This will help make our up-front listing costs much lower, which means our profit margins will be much higher. Especially higher for those items listed in the categories with reduced final value fees! We will be gaining more exposure at a lower price!

This is exciting news to me as a long term eBay seller.

If you’re not an eBay member yet, now is the time to get signed up. It’s free to join.
Click Here

* Sellers: Prepare for holiday listing.
* Buyers: Prepare for the most ultimate holiday sales available on eBay.

The eBay shelves will be fully stocked with fantastic offers. This is a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. Buyers will be able to find more great deals while sellers will be able to increase that profit margin!

Bookmark this blog because I have more great news to share about changes at eBay. Stay tuned!

Terry and Mark Meade are Loved by the eBay Community

Celebrating The Gift of Life in eBay and Around The World
Terry and Mark Meade are loved in the eBay community


Status: Published
Publish Date: August 05, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: terry, mark, meade, donors, heart transplant, gift of life, danna crawford, powersellingmom, donor program, family house

Last week several eBay sellers gathered together to support a very special friend in the eBay community: Terry Meade. Terry, also known as: “TootsieGirls” on eBay,is part of a story that eBay members have been following for years.

This is a real life drama story about a couple that have been embraced and cared for by eBay staff as well as registered users around the world.

I had the pleasure to have Mr. and Mrs. Meade as a guest on my internet radio show “Let’s Talk eBay.” You can tune in and listen to the complete story through your internet speakers any time. Hearing the story direct from this couple can not compare to the words I type. With that said, listen to the story while you browse the net. The last half of the segment includes a call from:

This loving couple: Terry and Mark Meade are now on a mission to share their story with the world encouraging people to “Donate Life.” To learn more, visit the website this couple is sponsoring:

Several eBay members have joined together and launched charity auctions through the eBay Giving Works program. Proceeds from these auctions range from 10 to 100% pointing to: The Transplant Foundation Gift of Life Family House. The Transplant Foundation was formed to support Gift of Life Donor Program by conducting fund raising, community programming and educational services to promote donation and care for donor families and families of those awaiting transplant. Gift of Life Family House, a program of Transplant Foundation, will provide lodging and supportive services to family members of transplant patients seeking care at Philadelphia area hospitals.

I would like to take this time to encourage everyone to become an organ donor and

eBay Live 2008 Rocked Chicago!

eBay Live 2008 Rocked Chicago!


Status: Published
Publish Date: July 01, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: ebay, Laurie Norrington, John Donahoe, Jason Minor

I'm officially unpacked from my Chicago, eBay Live adventure.

The airlines tried to charge me a $50.00 over-the-limit fee for one of my suitcases because I had my bag filled with so many awesome items from eBay live. Luckily one of the items was from the USPS which was a nice sturdy bag that zipped shut. I asked the airlines how much for an additional bag instead of paying that fee and she said $20.00.

Not a problem I told her as I pulled out the USPS bag and started to fill it with shoes!

There is an fantastic travel tip for you! Always bring an extra bag in case you go over in weight. Then you can unload some of those items and transfer quickly as needed. Hey, I saved 30 bucks!

Ok, back to my eBay live trip.

There was an amazing floor at eBay live called "The Solutions Center". It was the main stage, the heart of this convention. It contained many booths with exhibitors promoting their items. These were paid spots and eBay did select an interesting assortment of vendors. They were very gracious to pass out freebies promoting their businesses.

My favorite part of the floor was the eBay and PayPal booths. Every employee had a smile on their face and was eager to speak with you. They all loved getting in on photos and making the public feel very welcome. One gentleman took the time to walk me through my eBay store, offering helpful suggestions. I especially loved hanging out at the Community Lounge. This was a cool place for eBay staff to mingle on a couch with us "Average Folk" and it was especially the hot spot when John Donahoe, the President and CEO of eBay stopped by for photos, autographs and to just spend some time visiting.

Laurie Norrington (President, eBay Global Marketplace Operations) was another favorite to visit with. They both are such genuinely down to earth people; I was very pleased to be able to chat with both of them during my eBay live experience.

The classrooms I visited were filled. I had the privilege to be a guest speaker for a PayPal presentation. Almost everyone attending this class was new to eBay and was taking notes as fast as Jason Minor, The voice of PayPal radio, taught this very informative class.

Several announcements were made at the Keynotes. Read all the details: eBay Live Announcements.

I did receive a few awards myself; you can read about the details from Practical eCommerce staff writer, Brendan Gibbons Practical eCommerce Blogger Wins eBay Hall Of Fame Award.

eBay live definitely "Rocked" the windy city with the grand finale being the "Gala!" The guest singer: Chris Isaak kept the place jumping with his music. One of his signed guitars just sold on eBay for Charity at $1,025.00.

Visit my YouTube page and watch some of the videos I shot during this event.

eBay live opens up fantastic opportunities for networking as well as socializing for many. It was fun for me to meet up with friends I've known through the eBay community, to finally meet in person. Several of the members were experiencing their first eBay live. One gal posted:

eBay live was so enriching! Workshops rocked!!! The employees of eBay live were from all over including Canada! They were so nice and helpful! Also the solution center, where you were able to have a one on one with eBay staff, was sooo helpful! Thanks again guys here in this group that made it even more memorable!

Next eBay live:
2010 in Orlando Florida!

Introducing Mr.Bump an eBay Affiliate Script Writer

Introducing Mr. Bump an eBay Affiliate Script Writer


Status: Published
Publish Date: June 08, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay, Auction Bump

Meet Jon, the developer/creator of this amazing script called “The Auction Bump"

Owner of

I met Jon when he was brand new to eBay as I had the honor to give him his very 1st feedback: June 19, 2006.

Our eBay relationship started off with a simple phone call. He found me through my website He phoned me up instead of emailing me. I was thrown off guard because no one had ever called me before.When I answered the phone I heard him say: “Hello, I’m calling to Ask Danna an eBay question!” I felt like I was famous or something that this eBay seller had actually phoned me up. I acted like I get calls all the time and proceeded to help him. He had listed his 1st auction and eBay had pulled it. He didn’t know the rules with listings at that time and even though his heart was in his auction, this sort of listing was not allowed on eBay. He had listed a Birthday Card for his boss. It was an adorable auction he created. This auction idea of his came about because he had asked around his office for everyone to pitch in to purchase a greeting card and the only offer that came in was a quarter!

He then turned to eBay figuring he could ask the world’s largest online marketplace to help pay for his bosses birthday card, plus he could get a bit of attention to his website that he had just launched.

Little did Jon know that his auction presentation was in eBay violation because it was not an approved charity by eBay. Long story short, I helped Jon get his Bosses Greeting Card listed the proper way and the rest is eBay history!

Since then we’ve kept in touch as I’ve offered him eBay support.

Jon being the computer geek that he is, created this brilliant script called “Auction Bump!” This amazing script is easy to insert into a website allowing eBay sellers to promote their eBay listings for free in a self-serve manor.

Last year Jon helped me launch: with his script in full action.

The amazing part about this script is, it contains an affiliate code. When an eBay seller posts their eBay item on my page, and another person clicks on the photo and makes a purchase at eBay, my affiliate code is attached.

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved!


eBay Gets more Exposure.

* eBay sellers get more traffic.
* eBay sellers make more sales.
* eBay sellers advertise for free.
* eBay buyers find unique items. I make a commission! Since inserting this auction bump script at my website has blossomed into a high traffic website.

Jon, also known as Mr. Bump has set-up many sites around the internet containing his widely recognized script. See his bump in action @ Auction!

To do the auction bump:

Click on the FREE Bump Box.

* Insert your Photo representing the item you’re selling.
* Insert the auction name.
* Insert the eBay Item number.

That’s all there is to it! Your eBay item will now show up in the first box on the site, until someone else comes along and “Bumps” you to the next box! Eventually your item will work its way down the page “bumpity bump” till it has been bumped off the site!

Couple other Bump Sites:

* MagiesPlace.Info

The bump script can be customized to meet your “Bumping” needs!

Jon recently set up a bump page for me called: . This is an eBay store bump! Designed for eBay store owners to advertise their eBay stores.

My site also has the MySpace Bump. A place to share your MySpace page and make more MySpace friends.

My favorite Bump script is the Charity Bump! Designed only for eBay Charity Auctions!

Jon has several other types of scripts available in his eBay store!

Hats off to Mr. Bump, another creative eBay seller I’ve had the pleasure to meet in eBay land!

Meet and Greet eBay Members in Chicago

Meet and Greet eBay Members in Chicago

original post I wrote at Practical eCommerce

Status: Published
Publish Date: May 31, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay Live

I’ve been busy along with the rest of the eBay community as we all prepare to attend eBay Live in Chicago. The conference runs June 19th – 21st and rumor has it, this one is going to be the biggest and best to beat all eBay live records!

Tickets are still available: eBay Live Tickets. I did hear that priority pass tickets are almost sold out, so if your thinking of saving some time while at live, I encourage you to upgrade to a priority pass.

There is even a Pre-eBay live party called a “Meet and Greet” that will be held Wednesday, June 18th. Sponsored by Skip McGrath. Time: 6:30-11:00 PM. At the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, M/X Lounge! Door prizes will be given out. I donated a 1 year advertising spot at my PowerSellingMom website on the featured Powerseller page. I have a square reserved for the winner!

This Meet and Greet event will be a wonderful opportunity to network, socialize and talk about what we all know and love “eBay!” My husband and I will be a bit late because we will be arriving from another event for Education Specialists. If you do see me, please introduce yourself as I am looking forward to meeting many of the readers from Practical eCommerce.

You can listen to my radio interview with the “Meet and Greet Gal” Suzanne Randa. She was kind enough to share all the details about this event during the show. Read her Guide at: Going to eBay Live 2008 Chicago.

Join her eBay Group: Going to Ebay Live 2008 Chicago There even is an eBay discussion board set-up for all members to discuss plans for eBay live. This is a great “Hot Spot” to ask questions ahead of time and learn more about this amazing event soon to take place.

eBay live is for everyone from the “newbie” to the experienced seller. I guarantee you will walk away from this event with an enriched, encouraging outlook full of energy, goals and hope, for a successful future!

There will be no eBay Live in 2009. eBay announced they will be doing something different next year. (More about that later) The next eBay live will be 2010 and it will be near me, “yeah” in Orlando FL!

Looking forward to networking with you in Chicago!

What is a DSR?

What is a DSR?

ORIGINAL POST I wrote at Practical eCommerce

Status: Published
Publish Date: May 18, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: detailed seller ratings, eBay

Don’t Stop Raving. Danna Sue Rants. Don’t Stop Recycling. Do Start Recycling. Is it like DNA?

If you’re an eBay’er than you may already know what DSR means and if you’re not an eBayer’ then it’s time you signed up! ((smiles)) Meanwhile, many eBay sellers are learning about the term “DSR” aka: “Detailed Seller Ratings”

As of tomorrow, Monday, May 19th the feedback rules will be changing in the eBay World.

DSR’s are very important for all Powersellers if they want to receive a discount off of their eBay bills.

Detailed Seller Ratings are now officially part of the feedback system. Sellers are on the rise to become better sellers and buyers are encouraged to give “Truthful” ratings. Most all sellers are going above and beyond to receive 5 stars across the board.

My suggestions to sellers to help keep ratings up:

* Provide a customer satisfaction promise.
* Encourage Customer contact for problem solving.
* Make it easy for customers to ask questions.
* Answer questions in a timely manner.

My Suggestions to buyers leaving the ratings:

* Be Kind!
* If your upset about an issue, please try to resolve it by contacting the seller before giving the rating.
* Give the Seller a “Pat” on the back letting them know they DID do a good job and you left them 5 stars!

Many sellers like myself, make a living from our eBay sales and it is our livelihood. We all make mistakes from time to time and the majority of sellers are doing their best to become Powersellers and to remain Powersellers. I do hope everyone keeps my basic suggestions in mind when leaving feedback. If you’re having a bad day personally, please don’t take it out on a fellow eBay’er.

As the eBay motto stands: “People are Basically Good!” I am a firm believer in this myself. I do keep in mind everyone can have a bad day and sometimes it’s better to walk away from a situation then react too fast with regrets later.

Feedback must be taken very seriously from this day forward.

Sellers can now follow their stats by viewing the “PowerSeller Dashboard.” This is located on your “My eBay” page on the left side below “My Account.”

You can also sign up for an email alert from Channel Advisors’ free service: DSR WATCH. Anyone can check out other eBay ID’s through this service as well.

eBay sellers are needing a 5 Star rating on Each of the 4 categories:

* Item as Described
* Communication
* Shipping Time
* Shipping and Handling Charges

The biggest complaint I am hearing from the sellers that are shipping outside the USA is the “Shipping and Handling Charges and Shipping Time.” Many are experiencing low ratings in this area which is bringing the over all score down and keeping them from getting a sellers discount.


Please keep in mind when you purchase items from outside your country, it indeed is going to take longer and cost more. This is a fact. Please don’t take it out on the seller when shipping companies make mistakes. After all it is someone’s livelihood that is at stake. Communicate with the seller about the concerns, allowing the seller an opportunity to make adjustments for future shipping’s.

We are all trying to keep eBay as a safe and fair marketplace. Everyone can do their part by shaking hands as buyers and sellers unite creating a better shopping experience for everyone involved.

Don’t be shy and communicate with each other.

We can all grow as not only better people but, better eBayers!

eBay Sellers Prepare for Shipping

eBay Sellers Prepare For Shipping

This was an original post I wrote at Practical eCommerce

Status: Published
Publish Date: May 10, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: shipping & fulfillment, eBay

May 12th is the official day the shipping rates change with the United States Postal Service.

The USPS website states: ”Priority Mail will have an average 3.5 percent savings for customers who use electronic postage or meet other requirements.”

I’m assuming this will be reflected into those of us using PayPal for our shipping labels.

PayPal has made life so much easier by supplying us with the convenience of printing our own shipping labels directly.

If you’re not using this service yet, I highly recommend it!

It works like this:

* The customer pays for the item with PayPal.
* I view the item as “Paid” directly from my “My eBay” dashboard.
* I click “Print Label” and I am taken directly to PayPal.
* My customers name and shipping information is already pre-filled into the shipping label. I simply add the weight of the item and the type of shipping I prefer. If I am shipping a book, I may use “Media” or if the person asked for Priority, I will select Priority Flat Rate Envelope.
* Once approved, the label will print out directly from my printer onto a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
* Trim the label and save the receipt for my records.
* Tape the label to the package and we’re good to go!
* Ready for Pick-up!

I love the way the Post Office will pick-up my items! It’s very easy to schedule a pick-up direct from the Post Office. PayPal has made it easy for us to “request” a pick-up after our label has printed.

The USPS does require at least one of the items be priority or Global in order to schedule a pick-up.

If you have a relationship with your mail carrier you may want to discuss a pick-up arrangement with them direct.

I once left a note on my mailbox saying “Please Beep Your horn. I have a big box for you!”

Another added bonus the Post Office does is providing a few priority boxes for us with the eBay logo on them. Anyone can order these boxes. I provide a direct link to this service from the “Selling Tools” page of my website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the banner I created for this service! (Thanks in advance for visiting my website)

eBay has assured us that the rate changes will be a smooth change over as the PayPal/eBay system is prepared to automatically adjust the rates as needed. Many may remember the last time there was a Postal increase the rates took awhile to enter into the eBay system. My understanding is those using calculated shipping, the rates will be adjusted for all our store items and “core” items automatically.

The Postal service has a friendly presence at eBay Live usually. I hope to see them this year in Chicago as well. Any one attending, I encourage you to find their booth and pick-up shipping tape with the eBay Logo on it! This is the only place we can get tape like this! eBay Live, Chicago: June 19th -21st. Hope to see you there!



Happy Mother’s Day from the eBay Community Cookbook Group. Click the cover and download a copy of our PDF e-Cookbook.


eBay Foundation is Giving away a Million +++

eBay Foundation is Giving a Million ++

Original blog post I wrote at Practical eCommerce
Status: Published
Publish Date: April 28, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay, eBay Foundation

Some of you may of heard of the ” eBay Foundation” and some of you may not. I felt this was the perfect time to introduce the ” eBay Foundation” to the Practical eCommerce world!

Philanthropy : (from Wikipedia) is the act of donating money, goods, time, or effort to support a charitable cause, usually over an extended period of time and in regard to a defined objective. In a more fundamental sense, philanthropy may encompass any altruistic activity which is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. Someone who is well known for practicing philanthropy may sometimes be called a philanthropist.


Philanthropy has been an important part of eBay since its very beginning. eBay Foundation was established in 1998 and, reflecting eBay innovation, was the first corporate foundation to be endowed with pre-IPO stock. This pioneering decision has inspired over 400 corporations to follow eBay’s example and set aside equity to endow philanthropic programs.

eBay Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the economic and social well-being of local communities. In carrying out this mission, the Foundation engages eBay Inc.’s Community members and employees and supports their pursuit of charitable giving and volunteerism.

Each year eBay Foundation provides grants of more than $2 million to improve the lives of those who most need help, with many of the recipient organizations selected based on Community member and employee recommendations. Consistently recognized as one of the Bay Area’s top corporate foundations, eBay Foundation has made over $16 million in grants since its creation.


“I’m very pleased to announce today the launch of the eBay Foundation “Community Gives” campaign, which offers you, our Community, a way to participate in our giving efforts.

The Community Gives campaign helps create good in the world by inspiring people to contribute together to causes that matter. To this end, the eBay Foundation is donating $1 million to three worthy nonprofit organizations – to be split equally among them – and is asking the eBay Community to join in. For each Community member who contributes to one of the nonprofits during the campaign, the Foundation will donate an additional dollar, up to $100,000. Imagine what we can do when we all give together! “

“The eBay Foundation worked with active Community members in eBay’s Voices of the Community program to set appropriate selection criteria. After identifying a number of nonprofits that met the criteria deemed most important by our Community members, the Foundation evaluated them further, reviewing their history and accomplishments, their fiscal responsibility and strength, their impact on the causes they address, and their rankings based on public charity standards.

From this review, eBay Foundation selected the three nonprofit organizations to be supported in the Community Gives campaign — First Book, Best Friends Animal Society and Oxfam. The Foundation then worked with these nonprofits to identify specific projects to fund, as this ensures that our dollars will truly make a tangible difference. Through these projects, we will help:


First Book provide new books so that hundreds of thousands of low-income children can discover the magic of reading,

Best Friends Animal Society build a puppy care center so that hundreds of abused and injured puppies can have a chance to find loving permanent homes, and

Oxfam supply access to clean, safe water to alleviate poverty for tens of thousands of people in Ethiopia and Zambia.

Donate today; eBay and PayPal fees waived!

We welcome your participation in the Community Gives campaign! To participate, or find more information about the campaign, please go to The Community Gives campaign runs from now through eBay Live! in June.”

You will notice when you visit the site, everyone that donates has their name scrolling across the bottom of the page. If you look closely, you will see mine a few times!((smiles)) I’m looking forward to seeing YOUR name on the marquee too!

Digital Delivery Changes at eBay

Digital Delivery Changes At eBay

Original post I posted at Practical eCommerce
Status: Published
Publish Date: March 26, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay, digital content, feedback

Announcement was made on Monday, March 24th by eBay staff, Brian Burke Director, Global Feedback Policy. As of March 31st no one will be able to sell items by using the digital delivery or electronic delivery methods that eBay has been providing for us over the last few years. These items will be allowed to be posted by using a classified ad. This means, we can sell and deliver them on our own, but no feedback will be exchanged through the feedback system. All the details can be read at: New Policy Update: Digital Downloadable Goods in Classified Ads Format Only.

My business has been personally affected by this and I have been making some major changes to my eBay Store as well as my website.

The good news:

eBay is keeping things safe and continuing to grow a better community for all members across the board! Many sellers are adjusting their selling styles and working out new selling solutions. eBook websites are popping up all over the net. Digital items do not only consist of eBook sellers, also affected are:


Store Designers

Auction Template Creators

Music Sellers

Basically anyone selling any type of digital delivery item on eBay.

I’ve started to put my eBooks on CD and selling them from my eBay store. I will be shipping them instead of offering as digital delivery. However, all of my ebooks will remain available in my store as a digital download until March 30th I will start to remove them on that date. If you’re looking to download something from eBay and pick up a bargain, better SEARCH while you can!

I also created “The Snail Mail Club!” My plan for this is to invite subscribers to receive one CD a month and join: / and This will be a fun addition to PowerSellingMom, Inc.

Since I was already a member at I downloaded my best selling eBook: “How To Be an eBay PowerSellingMom” into the system at LuLu is a free, self publishing website for writers and will provide digital delivery for eBooks sellers at no additional cost.

After the 31st, my eBooks on CD will be shipped worldwide. The advantage to purchasing my eBooks on CD is the buyer will get MORE than just the eBook because I hate to waste space on a CD. Although I’ve not found any Earth Friendly Cd’s as of yet, I will continue to look for different options to help keep my eBook prices within reason.

Another route I took, I’ve started to create PayPal “Buy Now” button tabs and place them on my high traffic website. Placing each button next to my eBay Selling Tool item so that buyers can easily pay through PayPal and receive a direct link to the PDF file eBook for an instant digital delivery! My eBook about this procedure will soon be available at my website!

I can now continue to provide quality tools to help eBay sellers grow and succeed!

This is a perfect example:

**When a door SLAMS shut on your fingers, dry your eyes and don’t give up!**

Start brainstorming for new ideas!

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’ve told my students for years and I still stand behind my statement: “When Plan A won’t work, never fear because there is always a Plan B!”

I have also believed that “Change is Good” even when it turns life upside down. I know that I know, there is “something” waiting for me to discover.

Stay tuned and keep PowerSelling!

eBay Live Tickets

eBay Live Tickets on Sale Now!

This was an original post I wrote at Practical eCommerce

Status: Published
Publish Date: March 16, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay Live

Mark your Calendar for the eBay event of the year:

June 19th to 21st, 2008!

This year overlooking Lake Michigan in the Windy City of Chicago Illinois! McCormack Place will be the home front of the eBay Community for 3 days and 2 nights of learning, networking, entertainment and some Chicago style food!

The “West Wing” is the new addition to McCormack Place with eBay having the pleasure to break it in right!

If you’re not familiar with what all this means, eBay live basically is the biggest eBay event of the year! I would call it a cross between a trade-show, a convention and a 3 day seminar all rolled into one!

You can read all the details on the official eBay Live webpage.

If you buy your ticket’s now you can save money as they do go up in price after April 30th. And they have sold out in past years. I do suggest you get your ticket early! I already have mine!

You can even be a VIP with a special pass! Those tickets sell out very fast as space is limited. With a Priority pass you will get special seating and attention.

Information is also available on the eBay live website.

Last year was my first year to be able to attend an eBay live event. It was held in Boston and I finally had the time to get away. I learned so much and had such an awesome time, I made my decision then that I would never miss another eBay Live again!

I even met Practical eCommerce at eBay live in Boston and look where I am now! Perfect example of the power of networking that takes place at eBay Live!

I created my own networking meeting on one of the days and had an overbooked table of people. Made several friends and one gal and I stayed in touch with and we’ve met twice since. 1st time we met for lunch and another time we got together with our husbands. I’m sure we will be meeting up in Chicago too!

I will blog more about this subject as the date grows nearer. Right now I wanted to get the word out that registration is open and for those new to this, start making plans now because I promise you, you will NOT want to miss this event!

Free Gallery Listings at eBay

Free Gallery Listings at eBay

Original post was removed from Practical eCommerce

Status: Published
Publish Date: February 20, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay, gallery listings

I’ve been busy listing eBay items today, and I wanted to take some time out to Blog and encourage everyone to get listing on eBay ASAP!

If you’re not an eBay seller and have been thinking about it, now is especially the time! Because of the fee changes that went into effect today, it’s cheaper than ever to list an item on eBay than it was yesterday!

eBay has given us: Free Gallery listings!

Quote from eBay:

“When buyers browse categories or search for items, they see items with Gallery pictures directly in search results. Your free Gallery picture increases your chances of a successful sale. Items with a Gallery picture sell for an average of 14% more than those without one.”

As an eBay Education specialist I have taught my students through the years to always include gallery in their listings. The fee we were paying before was 35 cents to list an item in the gallery in addition to the listing fee. This bonus that eBay has given us will help all of us reduce our listing costs and I, among other sellers, greatly appreciate it!

The rules are simple with gallery listings, you can change your gallery photo if you need to change it or adjust it. But you can only change it BEFORE your item receives a bid. Once a bid is placed on your item, no changes can be made to the photo or the listing. You can ADD to the description but you can’t change the main description.

Many shoppers like myself, tend to shop by looking at items in the gallery. If you’re a shopper on eBay you will know what I mean. I tend to click on an item with a photo more than an item with only the image of a camera by it or an item with an empty spot by it.

Clear, crisp photos are important for all our eBay listings and the gallery photo is especially important because it is what “draws” the customer into the listing!

As a seller my profits will now be higher and I am listing more items than I was before! As a buyer I will be able to view a lot more auctions than I did before with the additional gallery photos showing up in the searches.

Another great thing about adding a photo to the gallery section is eBay automatically resizes it for you. I remember, “Back in the day” of listing when I use to put my items on my scanner, my photos would show up as large as my scanner! The page would take forever to load and the viewer would have to scroll the entire page, lean away from the computer to figure out what the item was!

We’ve come a long way baby! Now with the simple CLICK and download of our photos, the eBay system will size them up for us! Another way to make the listing of items run smoother!

Ok, I must get back to listing! Thanks for reading!

Below are a few galleries for your viewing pleasure. Just wanted to show you a few samples.

Have fun looking around and notice the fun of “Window Shopping” through the gallery listings

Digital Art

Entertainment Memorabilia

Bath & Body

Wholesale Lots, Cell Phone & PDA

Media Listing Fees Dropped at eBay

Media Listing Fees Dropped at eBay

Status: Published from Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: February 13, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay, media listings

Lorrie Norrington announced on Monday that listing fees will be reduced for items in the media section of eBay. Lorrie is President of eBay Global Marketplace Operations and is making a huge impact within the eBay community.

This is good news for many eBay sellers!

Including myself as I like to sell a few books now and then!

This is an added bonus to the buyers as well because with media shipping rates remaining the lowest form of shipping these types of items, the seller can now reflect these savings onto their buyers!

The new list fees are as follows:


$0.01 – 0.99 (auction-style only) Original Categories Insertion Fee: $ .20 New Media fee: $ .10

$1.00 - 9.99 (auction-style and fixed price) Original Categories Insertion Fee: $ .40 New Media fee: $ .25

$10.00 – 24.99 (auction-style and fixed price) Original Categories Insertion Fee: $ .60 New Media fee: $ .35

The Categories include:





Video Game Software

This fee change will take place on the same day of the other price changes all going into effect on February 20th.

This rate drop is a perfect example and reminder that eBay is “listening” and willing to adjust changes to fulfill the continued goal of making the marketplace a great place to sell and shop!

I Trust eBay

This was an article I wrote for Practical eCommerce and I am cleaning up some of my posts over there, and saving them here.

Trust that eBay is: Basically Good!

Status: Published at Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: February 07, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: eBay

I Trust eBay!

And no, they didn’t throw me a cookie to say that! eBay has paid my bills for the last ten years and I trust them to make the right decisions. I know it takes a team to brainstorm ideas, decisions are not put into play over night. I have the confidence that eBay has “Me” and “You” in their best interest. They will do what is best for all of us as a community. Trying to keep the peace in eBay land as well as get the bills paid is not an easy job and I don’t envy any of them. I’m sure all of these decisions eBay has made has been a long journey for all involved. It could not have been easy with the anticipation of wondering how the public was going to react to all of these changes either. Over the years there have been numerous types of reactions to the changes at ebay. Many members storm off in a fit with threats to move to another so called “auction land!” We all wave good bye to them wishing them only the best and yet knowing deep down, they will be back. And yes, you all know who you are and you did come back because no other site can even compare.

I heard Meg say last month eBay had 80 million people log on! Eighty Million people in 30 days! Now where in the world can you get traffic like that?

Already the petitions have started, the anti-eBay groups have begun and the official Ban eBay day is in place.

What in the world is that all about? We have a war going on and political issues taking place and people are having the time and energy to “protest” and virtually “picket” the internet highways against eBay?

I’d like to remind my students and my fellow eBayer’s that eBay is not the enemy! Don’t get all worked up and fall prey to the drama going on around you. Carry on, “business” as usual. Let the eBay executives do their jobs so that we all can do ours. Change is good!

And keep in mind that eBay is human too. If mistakes are going to be made, trust in the system for they will be adjusted as needed. No plan is picture perfect and we are all learning together as we go along. Some will fail and give-up while others will fail and learn more because of that failure and work even harder to succeed.

eBay has had ups and downs over the years and they are an unstoppable powerhouse.

I had the honor to tour eBay and PayPal headquarters last year. I Trust eBay!

And no, they didn’t throw me a cookie to say that! eBay has paid my bills for the last ten years and I trust them to make the right decisions. I know it takes a team to brainstorm ideas, decisions are not put into play over night. I have the confidence that eBay has “Me” and “You” in their best interest. They will do what is best for all of us as a community. Trying to keep the peace in eBay land as well as get the bills paid is not an easy job and I don’t envy any of them. I’m sure all of these decisions eBay has made has been a long journey for all involved. It could not have been easy with the anticipation of wondering how the public was going to react to all of these changes either. Over the years there have been numerous types of reactions to the changes at ebay. Many members storm off in a fit with threats to move to another so called “auction land!” We all wave good bye to them wishing them only the best and yet knowing deep down, they will be back. And yes, you all know who you are and you did come back because no other site can even compare.

I heard Meg say last month eBay had 80 million people log on! Eighty Million people in 30 days! Now where in the world can you get traffic like that?

Already the petitions have started, the anti-eBay groups have begun and the official Ban eBay day is in place.

What in the world is that all about? We have a war going on and political issues taking place and people are having the time and energy to “protest” and virtually “picket” the internet highways against eBay?

I’d like to remind my students and my fellow eBayer’s that eBay is not the enemy! Don’t get all worked up and fall prey to the drama going on around you. Carry on, “business” as usual. Let the eBay executives do their jobs so that we all can do ours. Change is good!

And keep in mind that eBay is human too. If mistakes are going to be made, trust in the system for they will be adjusted as needed. No plan is picture perfect and we are all learning together as we go along. Some will fail and give-up while others will fail and learn more because of that failure and work even harder to succeed.

eBay has had ups and downs over the years and they are an unstoppable powerhouse.

I had the honor to tour eBay and PayPal headquarters last year. I have seen firsthand the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff. “People are basically good” is a motto Mr. Omidyar and the founding eBay team believed in.

That motto works both ways: For the sellers and buyers to trust each other as well as for all of us together to Trust that eBay too, is basically good!

Meg Whitman eBay's CEO Will Be Missed

This was a post I had put up at the Practicle eCommerce site and has been removed to be saved here.

Original Status: Published
Publish Date: January 30, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants
Tags: Meg Whitman, eBay

**It’s Official: Meg Whitman, eBay’s CEO is stepping down on March 31, 2008.**

She will remain on the board of directors.

I’ve admired Meg Whitman for many years. As I’ve grown my eBay career Meg has managed the worlds Online Marketplace from her cubical at eBay headquarters. She calls eBay her “Baby!”

I know I can’t even compare to her success but she has had a huge impact on my life.

My daughters can attest to the fact I would use Meg as an example many times over the years with my girls growing up. My Twins are in their 3rd year of college and one is majoring in business. Just last year when my daughter mentioned she may carry on to get her masters, I told her to go for it as Meg should be ready to retire by then and she could work for eBay! And again it was like “Oh Mom!”

That “Oh Mom” statement was a term I’ve heard for many years when I would speak about anything eBay! Little did they realize how eBay has paid their way since they were small. Thanks to eBay I’ve been able to be at home for my children 24/7. I’ve been content, getting my bills paid and putting my family first. Ebay has allowed me to build my career over the years and now I help others learn the tricks of the trade. Working from home to me has been the ultimate situation. I can’t thank eBay enough for creating this Marketplace for all of us! I wrote an eBook: “How To Be an eBay PowerSellingMom!”

Meg Whitman has been a great influence on my life. Looking up to her and using her as a role model for my daughters. She represents all young ladies with hopes and dreams for a brighter future in so many ways.

College is not for everyone. But for those girls that are attending or planning to attend, Meg holds a powerful testimony for those girls planning out a future.

Meg also represents “moms” by being a mother herself. Through her work at eBay she has provided opportunity for those mom’s like myself, wanting to start an at home businesses.

Over the years I’ve seen many eBayer’s showing off pictures they had taken with Meg Whitman. I had dreams to have a photo taken with her one day too!

I attended eBay Live 2007 in Boston. It was my first eBay Live and I was a “Mom on a Mission!” I had a list of things to do and people I wanted to meet! My first day in town I became very lost driving around Cambridge of all places. I was trying to get to the eBay Education Specialist day that was a Pre-eBay live event. I wanted to be early and be prepared. After I finally found my way, I had no time to spare for parking; I went ahead and parked in a thirty dollar parking spot. Being the “Thrifty” kind of mom I was, this did not make me a happy camper to spend that kind of money on parking. But it was more important for me not to be late at any cost. I hurried into the elevator, trying to keep in my mind which floor I was on and where I parked my rental car. The doors opened to a lobby and I could smell the coffee. I went right in to prepare a cup and figure out where I exactly was.

Now keep in mind, I was a stay-at-home-mom for almost 10 years and never got out much. This was a BIG adventure for me! I was on my own! No husband, no kids in a huge City that I had just spent an hour of being lost in!

After I captured the moment a bit, I headed back to the elevator to go to the proper floor where the meeting was to be held.

I have coffee in one hand and my “pull along” floral bag that holds my purse, camera, video camera all my necessities in my other hand, wearing my T-shirt!

The doors open as I catch my breath and step out in to the corridor of this beautiful area. Much to my surprise, there she is, Meg Whitman!

I almost fainted as I realize who she was! She too was holding a cup of coffee and has a man on each side of her. They were all wearing matching suit jackets and looking very official.

And what do I do? I froze! I pretend like I didn’t know who she was and I walk on by. I focus on a greeter waiting for guests and walk directly to her as the words fall off my lips of shock “Where’s the restroom?” She pointed me in the right direction. I hurry inside and as the door closes behind me, I see my very red face in the mirror. Anxiety flushes over me! I notice I am alone! Thank goodness for that as I lean over the sink putting cold water on a towel and touching my face with it. Angry at myself for not speaking to Meg and yet “star struck” at the same time!

I felt like I had just blown the opportunity of a life time. I could have had a chat and coffee with Meg Whitman and I blew it!

The two days that followed, Meg was available for a limited time at a few photo shoot spots during eBay Live and it never failed, I would be a few minutes too late to get my photo with her. I watched others get a photo as tears filled my eyes that I again, missed my chance.

The final Gala day was the most amazing presentation! As I walked into the “Clapping tunnel” my emotions ran wild! I spotted Meg and hurried over to the side so that I could video tape her. I zoomed in and found a Tall eBay employee and asked him to film some footage for me of Meg. He was gracious enough to help me out. Holding my video camera above the crowed he zoomed in on Meg while she clapped and cheered for all those that entered into the Gala! Once the “rush” of that moment had started to calm, I sat at a table and my emotions poured out. I am a bit of an emotional person anyhow and it was as if all of the events had caught up to me. I sat by a beautiful lady in a wheelchair and her daughter. She asked if I was Ok and as I dried my eyes, I told her I was wonderful and that I had just hoped to get a photo with Meg and it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. She then told me how she had also adored Meg and she had sent her T-shirts and gifts. I was fascinated to hear her stories of Meg! I happen to be sitting with another true “Meg Witman Fan!”

We shared all of our amazing eBay stories. Soon another one of my friends approached me saying “Meg is posing for photos!” I hurried like a kid running for the candy store and was about 6th in line! I was so nervous, and kept telling myself not to cry! When my turn came, I introduced myself and thanked her for all she’s done. And she turned it around and started thanking ME! I was like “Does she know me?”

Well, I won’t flatter myself to think she knew me personally, but her kindness made me smile! Best of all I did get that photo and to me it was the perfect ending to my 1st eBay Live experience!

Rumor has it that she may be running for Governor! If this is true, I may have to move to CA, so I can join the campaign team!

The eBay Live Traveling Lab Coat is Truckin’ for Charity!

Copied and removed from: Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: January 08, 2008
Blog: By Merchants, For Merchants

The journey continues for the eBay Live Lab coat!

It all began back in June 2007 in a little bean town called “Boston” where an eBay employee wore this lab coat proudly at an event called “eBay Live.” He played a special part in this event by helping many eBayer’s in a section of “Help Hall.”

Brandon is the famed eBay employee and your can read the start of this fascinating story when I first blogged about it right here back in August 2007.

Since then this lab coat has been making its way around the USA!

Currently the new seller has actually put the “Traveling” into The Traveling Lab Coat!

EbWiz is an authentic Truck Driver. He purchased the lab coat from eBetsy.

She purchased the lab coat from Kompolt, who purchased the lab coat from ME which I bought the lab coat from Brandon.

The saga continues!

Today I am encouraging you to read the Traveling Lab coat journal provided by eBwiz as he writes about his “Truckin’ Adventures!

See the photo album of this amazing journey! His truck even hit a Buzzard while hauling some hazardous material.

Breaker, Breaker one-nine this hears “PowerSellingMom” and I would like to know what your ten-twenty is?

View the current auction: Item Number 120206541002.

Will all silliness aside, The Traveling Lab coat has created quite a stir around the internet and within the eBay Community! Memos are going out around offices, press releases are being sent and most importantly of all, money is being raised for charity!

As of today this amazing item has raised a total of $1,140.00.

Organizations include: Primary Children’s Medical Center, Disabled Online Users Association, Challenged Athletes Foundation/Bob Hebeler Memorial, AIDS Services of Dallas and now the current charity chosen by eBwiz is: St. Louis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

This lab coat that started off as a simple piece of eBay Memorabilia has become a part of eBay History in the making!

Who will be the next owner? Who will come forward and join in on this Traveling Adventure?

I personally have dedicated myself to promoting this lab coat. I’ve purchased the domain: and will point it to each website and/or auction listing as it travels eBay and the Globe for Charity!

“That’s a ten-four Good buddy!”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Largest Multi-Seller Charity Event on eBay: P.E.P.

Status: Published at Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: October 19, 2007
Removed and published here.

Painting Ebay Pretty, otherwise known as: P.E.P. is an eBay Sellers Group dedicated to helping each other and communities.

The Proud sponsor of the largest Multi-Seller Charity Auctions held on eBay supporting: Susan G. Komen For the Cure .

Many people assume that P.E.P is for painters because of the name. The history of the name has nothing to do with painters.

In-My-Cedar-Chest’s store branding has always been.. In My Cedar Chest - Painting eBay Pretty One Template at a Time. This is where the name originated. P.E.P has so many lovely painters in the group but is set up for all sellers of the eBay Community to share their ideas and have a place for discussion.

There are wonderful painters, sewers, artists, people that sell material, buttons, reborns, antiques and anything else under the sun. P.E.P. was built on a dream that sellers of the same wares could come together and get along and share ideas while helping their community by giving to charity at the same time.

The first organizers of P.E.P. were the talented artists: kobychicken , morning*rose and In-My-Cedar-Chest.

Sisters: kobychicken and In-My-Cedar-Chest lost their mother to breast cancer at the young of 41 and fought it for 11 years before losing her battle. Many of the ladies in this group have lost a loved one fighting this devastating disease as well.

This event is the highlight of the year. Already they have reached out and touched hearts in so many ways all during this, what seems “short week”:

Anyone interested in joining the group you can request an invite. This is a private group and is accepting new members. As of today they have 625 members . If you would like to be a part of next years event, I urge you to join now and stay in touch throughout the year.

Intake for donations starts in July and is cut off in mid September to prepare for the mid October event.

Painting Ebay Pretty - P.E.P - has held other charity auctions to help with NCCS- National Children’s Cancer Society and St Judes. Because of the Preparation for these events P.E.P has dedicated to holding the annual event for the Komen Foundation. Our -Giving Starts Here- attitude is what makes our group so wonderful.

Everyone has bonded together in so many ways offering support, prayer and open arms for those in need. I am Proud to be a member of such loving caring group uniting with eBay sellers and buyers worldwide!

eBay Charity Auctions Are A Blessing

Status: Originally Published at Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: September 10, 2007
Moved today to this blog.

With all the challenges and competition of selling on eBay I do highly recommend to all sellers to host at least one charity auction a month.

Charity auctions are not only a brilliant marketing tool, but they are a “true” way to help an organization.

It’s a Win-Win situation!

eBay has developed an organization called: eBay Giving Works. This great team helps keep eBay safe by providing trusted non-profits to be a part of the program. “Better Sales, Better World”

I filmed a bit of the presentation about eBay Giving works at the eBay Live event in Boston, June 2007. CLICK HERE to watch the clip!

Since the launching of eBay giving works, more than $100 million has been raised for charities worldwide from listings sold on eBay!

To be a part of this “Big Picture” is very rewarding! I raised over a thousand dollars last year for charity and this year I have set a plan to raise even more!

I wrote an ebook with a percent of the proceeds going to my charity of choice for this year: DOUA.

I sell it in my eBay store: Ask Danna and you’re welcome to pick up a copy. BUT, as my special gift to you, my Practical Ecommerce blog readers, I am offering this ebook for Free!

CLICK HERE to download it. PDF format. It also contains resale rights. Which means, your welcome to give it away or sell it if desired?

As explained in my eBook, the first step for registered ebay sellers is to join “Mission Fish”.

Mission Fish is the exclusive charity solution provider for eBay Giving Works. Thanks to Mission Fish, you can support a charity of your choice and know that it has gone through the proper channels of approval before it is supported by eBay.

If you are a non-profit organization then Mission Fish is the place for you to get started to register with. By doing that, your organization will be available for eBay sellers to pick you to donate an auction for charity!

If you’re not registered with eBay yet, the time is now to sign up, get listing and be a blessing to others by hosting a charity auction today!

The eBay Traveling Lab Coat

I originally published this at Practical eCommerce
Publish Date: August 31, 2007
(Removed from that site today and copied here)

This is the story about a special white lab coat that was worn at eBay live, 2007 in Boston. Anyone that may have attended eBay Live may have caught a glimpse of seeing an eBay employee wearing a white lab coat!

However, only a few delicately selected employees received the honor to wear these special coats!

Most eBay employees were wearing the official navy blue polo shirts with the eBay live 2007 logo.

There was a special section within the eBay Live platform called: “Help Hall.” Help hall consisted of a team of eBay Staff that were from a division within eBay called: “The Top Seller Account Management Team.”

The eBay employees wearing these “Awesome” lab coats were envied by many! eBay buyers and sellers were asking where they could purchase a lab coat? Even the general eBay staff wanted to know, “How could they get a lab coat?”

I spoke with Griff from eBay radio and he too wanted to know how he could get a lab coat. Lab coat envy was everywhere!

Meanwhile, the staff wearing the Lab Coats was respected by many. We all knew if we had a major question that it could be answered by going to “Help Hall” and asking a “Lab Coat!”

Once eBay live was behind us, many dedicated eBay fans will search eBay for a few key words: eBay Live 2007. This is the best way to find memorabilia from the event. I even sold a set of pins myself for charity!

I was searching eBay one day with those magic key words and I soon discovered one of the rare “Lab Coats” up for auction!

The eBay staff member had it listed as a 100% to Charity. He even had all the staff members that he worked with to autograph the lab coat. This made it even more valuable! I knew I had to have it and I placed a bid! I ended up winning the Lab Coat and I was over the moon! Yet, I felt bad for the very special eBay employee that not only parted with his lab coat but, the auction only sold for $5.83. I know it was LUCKY ME, but yet I felt bad that he didn’t get a larger amount since it was for his favorite charity: Primary Children’s Medical Center

After I won it, I then decided to come up with a plan to create a special auction! To go above and beyond the normal auctions! I felt this Lab Coat deserved special attention all in the honor of this special man that so graciously parted with his lab coat full of good intentions. He even has an eBay store you can visit:

Brandon’s Big Guy Stuff

Thanks to Brandon: The Official, eBay Traveling Lab Coat was born! Now you too can be a part of this awesome adventure!

How? There are two ways!

* Place a Bid and purchase the coat!
* Add it to your watch list and follow the progress!

The goal is to keep the Lab Coat Traveling around eBay and for each owner to sign it and re-list it back on eBay as a 100% Charity auction! A company logo can be added, an autograph, a patch, pin the ideas are endless!

I created a YouTube video and included it into the auction. This is another added bonus that eBay has allowed us all to do! To add video to our auctions, I will blog about that topic another time, for now I am proud to share with you: “The Official

Traveling Lab Coat, Charity Auction” @ eBay,

Item #150156342747.

Stay tuned, for this story is only beginning!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Morning eBay Land! A new eBay Radio Show!

Happy to announce the official launch of my morning radio show:
Good Morning eBay Land!

The kick-off is this Wednesday, October 21st at 11:00 AM
Found at:

This show is for eBay sellers to SHARE THEIR WARES!
Call in or leave a message on the comment section with an item number , your eBay ID and/or your eBay store. Visit: Good Morning eBay Land

Tune in to past shows:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

eBay Blogs Shutting Down October 31, 2009

I just finished transferring most all of my posts from the eBay blog platform to my eBay Cheerleader blog spot.
I hated to lose all that content as my blog posts at eBay went back to 2006.
I now have it sorted here at this blog.
Sorry for the overwhelming blog posts for this month as it was about creating an archive of references for me to help with my new book.

eBay blogs will be missed by many in more ways then one. I know several eBay friends that love the communication tools and socializing that eBay blogs have brought to the community.
However I do understand why eBay is removing them because the spamming is a bit out of control at the eBay blogs.

Looking forward to seeing what new things eBay will bring to the marketplace!

eBay Blog Archive July 2009

Archive - July 2009

Virtual Tour of eBay

You're all invited to join me on a VIRTUAL TOUR of eBay Land!!!

The Tour bus leaves at 8:00 PM EST directly from YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!

Log in, sit back, crank up the computer speakers and join us on this MAGICAL VIRTUAL TOUR while we explore eBay!!!

To learn more visit my ME page and visit VIRTUAL ONLINE LEARNING ..
This is my new Lifetime membership site AND the Tour is FREE, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!

Will be a great way to learn more about how Webinars work!
Virtual learning is an awesome way to learn from the comfort of your home office!

Would love to have you join us on our VIRTUAL EBAY TOUR!!!!

Ocala FL eBay Classes

The Basics of Selling on eBay:
AUGUST 2009 Schedule:

Sunday, Aug.2,
Item number:400062484954

Sunday, August 16:
Item number:400062485382

And I will be teaching a full session at:
Central Florida Community College
Thursday August 27th
(Contact me for details on that one)

This course includes a comprehensive approach on how to start your own eBay business.

Learn how to register as an eBay Buyer and Seller; learn about PayPal, what it is, and how to set up an account to collect your money for sales.

Learn how to find, compare and research items on eBay as well as pricing, bidding and buying strategies to be successful.

In this course you will learn about eBay listing and selling, eBay store basics and the shipping and handling of your products.

Learn the difference between Buy It Now and Auction formats.

You will learn about giving and receiving eBay feedback and the privacy and security of running this type of business.

This course will teach you how to get your eBay business up and running.

Ocala eBay Drop Off Store FL

Grand opening took place this week at JMJ Storage with the newly launched eBay drop-off store located here in beautiful Ocala Florida!!!!

Providing quality eBay selling by professionals located at JMJ Storage in NE Ocala FL.

It's my pleasure to be the eBay Trading Assistant for JMJ Storage!

Contact me with any questions.

Have something to sell?
We will do all the work while you wait for your check!

Stop by or contact me direct!
All the best,
Danna Crawford
Founder/CEO PowerSellingMom, Inc.

Ocala eBay DropOff Store

Grand opening took place this week at JMJ Storage with the newly launched eBay drop-off store located here in beautiful Ocala Florida!!!!

Providing quality eBay selling by professionals located at JMJ Storage in NE Ocala FL.

It's my pleasure to be the eBay Trading Assistant for JMJ Storage!

Contact me with any questions.

Have something to sell?
We will do all the work while you wait for your check!

Stop by or contact me direct!
All the best,
Danna Crawford
Founder/CEO PowerSellingMom, Inc.

Daniel Morton: eBay Blog Archive June 2009

Archive - June 2009

Introducing Daniel Morton a 75 Year Old Artist with a Dream

Daniel had a dream!

25 + years ago he had a concept!

It was to create a spiral design!

Daniel Morton

He is an experienced carpenter and you have seen his work if you've ever visited the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, he did the trim and installed the show!

Also, as a machinist and welder Daniel considers himself a design engineer!

Because, he brought the concept to the market. He sold machinery tooling and hardware, and received a royalty.

After all these years he was unable to come up with the funds to make this concept a reality!

So he decided to create his spiral in ceramics! A model was taken to the ceramic department of the University of Miami, which he was told they were unable to do. Being unable to accept the words,(Can't Do), he proceeded to make plaster molds and learn the ceramic business!

Creating the shape, (A Total Spiral, coil, helix) doing this in ceramics has been a challenge, Clay shrinks 13%, twisting and warping, has been a constant reminder why no one has completed this before.

To control the twisting and warping, he needed to hand dry each piece.

Quite time consuming. The model is 18 inches tall which is a little too much for the height of a coffee-table. So he proceeded to shrink them even further.

Now the spirals are about 15 1/2 inches tall. Also , assembling the spiral and the bases together in ceramics I find not sufficient enough for the weight for a coffee-table, so he decided to bond the bases and spirals together with fiberglass! Also filling the hollow spiral with rigid-foam given its strength and durability.

The tooling and hardware required doing the assembly of the base and spiral is only one more of the challenging problems that

"All Things Are Possible, With, Patients and Tenacity" Dan Morton

Item number:

eBay Blogs Archive May 2009

Archive - May 2009

Ocala Self Storage

JMJ Self Storage
Located in NE Ocala

We are MORE than just a storage company!
Also offering:
Climate Controlled Units providing the best for your fine valuables!

eBay Classes:
  • Basics of Selling on eBay
  • Beyond The Basics of Selling on eBay
  • eBay Stores 101
  • eBay Giving Works
  • Helping Nonprofits with fund raising using the eBay platform.
  • Helping eBay sellers understand how to list and sell for nonprofits.
Feel free to contact me for more details!
Danna <>< ....

Dianes Vintage Charms Thank You: eBay Archives April 2009

Archive - April 2009

Dianes Vintage Charms SHIPS GREEN

I received a very cool Thank you card from a fellow eBay friend:
Dianes Vintage Charms

She made her own envelope out of a Cheerios Box!
I thought it was SO COOL I just had to share!

Diane has taken the Green Shipping Pledge:

She sent such a CUTE Talking "I Love Lucy" card:

Big hugzzz to Diane for being so thoughtful AND