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February 2008 Archive from eBay Blogs

Archive - February 2008

Have you Heard of VistaPrint?

I put together another eBook to help with any type of business!
I especially use it for my eBay Business!
The Brick-and-Mortar Store can benefit as well!

This simple Marketing Strategy has helped me with
REPEAT Customers as well as showing Customer Appreciation!

FUN and Reasonable too!

Only $2.99

AND, this book has MASTER RESALE RIGHTS!You can SELL IT , or GIVE IT AWAY!Most of all LEARN from it!!!

Blessings, Danna
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Eye TO Buy

Good Morning Blog Land!

I love days like today!!!
My hubby found these Voltrons at a church sale and paid 7 bucks for them!
TODAY, I wake up and they are over 300 HUNDRED bucks!
AND, have 9 hours to go!
eBay Item number : 160209274833

I have trained my husband well! He did read my ebook:

It is available in my eBay Store!!!!
I've been selling STUFF on eBay for over 10 years now and
I am PROOF it can be done!!
SORRY, I can NOT make your rich BUT I can help you get your bills paid!!

THANKS for reading and have an AWESOME EBAY SELLING DAY!!!
Danna Crawford

HAPPY eBay Selling Day!!!!

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