Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is It eBay's Fault?

ANOTHER eBay store Closes its doors!

I swear, this is like the 3rd eBay store owner I've known to just throw in the towel and give up.

The trend I've been seeing is:

Gal gets an eBay account.
Sells a few items.
Opens an eBay store.
Spends night and day listing items.
Filling the eBay store.
More items in the eBay store.
eBay store bursting with items.
More days filling the eBay store.
Putting items out in the core as buy it now (outside the eBay store)
Adding lots of photos.
Trying to add a couple featured listings.
(guessing they can make more money if they feature the item)
Adding BOLD to a few items with the hope of making more money.
Upgrading to highlighting an item.
Adding more photos with the hope of making more money.
Listing more items in the eBay store.
Filling it with everything they can find.
Join a dropship company with HOPE of getting rich.
Paying a monthly fee to a dropship company.
Paying a monthly fee to a template service.
Paying a monthly fee to a CLUB because they think they can be a better seller if they keep paying monthly fees.
Next, may try an upgrade.
Upgrade the eBay store with hope of more exposure.
Put more items in the eBay store ......

3 months go by .....
Few sales here and there but monthly fees are very high.
Will find more JUNK to put in eBay store ......

May break even but fees are still high .. hoping to make it so keep putting items in the eBay store... then FRUSTRATION sets in ....... THROW in the TOWEL .. GIVE UP .....
poof CLOSE the eBay store ......

Now, list a FEW items on eBay and put more on sites that are FREE or CHEAP with HOPE of making more money ...... NOW, the items SIT and debt sets in.

Twiddling thumbs while the seller waits in frustration.
Still have inventory, few monthly fees roaming around ..

Must be eBay's fault ya think?

Can't make any money on the site, must be eBay's fault?

Lost money, must be eBay's fault?



It seriously breaks my heart as I hear stories like this all the time.
Then, when the seller finally lets me know they are failing or I seek them out and lend a hand. We take a look at the figures together and OMG no one wants to buy the stuff they are selling in the first place! There is no market for their GOODS!

I wish I was still making thousands from one Beanie Babie!
OH those were the days!
But trends change and guess what?



I do love helping people!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and the road to success is open for all those wanting to travel the highway of opportunity.

Selling on eBay can get the bills paid.

Selling on eBay is a learning experience while you grow and nourish your eBay business.
Strategies are available.
The possibilities are endless.
Debt can be conquered.

If you are in the Ocala FL area and would like to take a class, please contact me.
If you are located ANYWHERE in the WORLD I have coaching packages available as well as on-line education to MEET ALL BUDGETS!

Make a fair offer for my 3 month coaching plan.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My latest eBay HOT Item

Hello eBay Blog Land!!!

I'm so excited about this new HOT product I found:

The cool thing about it is NOT ONLY is it excellent on my lips,
it is very hard to lose!
Because it has a pull out recoil device.
Hand it on your purse:

AND, when you're ready to use it,
pull it out and then it will go back into place:

Wear it on your jeans:

I am very picky about my lip products and this one is number one
in my book for sure!!!!

This is why I decided to start selling it because I am a TRUE FAN of the product.
Very cool to be able to sell what you LOVE and believe in on eBay!

There is also a clear LIP BALM available as well:

Visit my eBay store:




Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UNF Jacksonville FL Sat.Jan.24 Basics of Selling on eBay Class

I'm teaching in Jacksonville Florida, Saturday January 24th,
The Basics of Selling on eBay Class.

Space is limited, sign up today:

This course includes a comprehensive approach on how to start your own eBay business. Registration fee includes eBay approved book.

You'll learn:

  • The basics of eBay listing and selling
  • The basics of eBay store
  • How to register as an eBay Buyer and Seller
  • Paypal: What it is and how to set up your account to collect payments
  • How to find, compare and research items on eBay
  • Pricing, bidding and buying strategies to be successful
  • The basics of shipping and handling

There are still openings remaining at this time.

Code Begins Ends Meets Fee
09WJFIN409A01/24/200901/24/2009Saturday: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM, 1 Session175.00

UNF University Center (Building 43)12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Friday, January 9, 2009

Exclusive Show with Jim Griffith aka: "Griff" from eBay Headquarters

Jim Griffith, aka “Griff,” has been an enthusiastic eBay buyer and selling since Monday, May 20th, 1996, at 10:18 am PST when he bid on his first eBay item, a PS/2 memory chip for his old IBM computer.

It was love at first website, and from that moment on, he began forging a relationship with both the world's most prominent online trading community and its community members – seasoned and novices – who visit it.

During the summer of 1996, he was spending nearly 90 hours a week fielding eBay customer questions on the first eBay chat board. A few months later eBay's founders approached him with an invitation to join eBay as their first Customer Support representative.

Currently serving as Dean of eBay Education, roving ambassador, eBay spokesperson, the host of eBay Radio and as the author of The Official eBay Bible, Griff's spends nearly all his waking hours teaching others how to use eBay effectively, safely and profitably.

Griff is the host of:
eBay Radio:
Live Show Time: Tuesday (11:00AM - 12:00PM PST)
And the host of:
The eBay Radio PowerSeller Show:
Live Show Time: Tuesday (1:00PM - 2:00PM PST)


I've been a fan of Griff for quite a few years.
I had the honor to meet him at eBay live in Boston, June 2007:

I was able to do a little segment with him live in Boston:

A fellow eBay'er sent me this photo below as she caught me video taping Griff at Live in Boston:


My next eBay adventure,
I was able to visit with him again in San Jose, August 2007:


eBay Live Chicago, June 2008:
Me, Griff and my husband:


October 2008, Griff spent quality time with eBay students in Kansas at the Kansas

Griff has always gone above and beyond helping eBay sellers and buyers.

I admire the man, what can I say!

I've been a guest on eBay radio many times over the last year and now at last, GRIFF is MY GUEST at:

Tune in Live: 8:00 PM EST, Friday January 9th or
on Demand 24/7

All shows can be found in my radio show archives at: SHOW

What is Griff selling: Uncle_Griff
Visit his website: UNCLE
eBay University: Griffs Corner
Ask Griff
Letters from Griff at:The Chatter

eBay Live 2008 eNotes singing Almost Out of Time:

The Famous eNotes, well-known for entertaining crowds in the eBay Community Lounge with their a Capella versions of classic love ballads modified to have an eBay twist.
Griff joins the team with Colin Rule and Sarah Brubacher

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Items listed today: GOAL REACHED

If you saw my post below, I had a goal to list 10 items today and I am HAPPY to report that I did indeed do IT!

My 10 items are::::

1) BEARLY PEOPLE Victoria Lace Teddy Bear


1995 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazine Jennifer Rizzotti Cov

4) 1940 AIRCRAFT Maintenance for the AIRPLANE MECHANIC


6) 1975 Disney DONALD DUCK Flip-it Cartoon BIG LITTLE Book

7) 1969 Walter Lantz WOODY WOODPECKER htf BIG LITTLE Book

8) 1972 SLIDE RULE for the MARINER Book by H.H.SHUFELDT


10) 8 Track CASE w/24 8-TRACK Tapes STONES Beatles BOSTON +

BONUS relisted item:

13 Crochet DOLL/Toy Pattern Books/Leaflets DARICE

I already sold a few of these sets and I have many more so I can keep relisting them!


Ok, my goal was met and it ended up taking me almost all day, BUT I was able to take care of business around the house and tend to my Grandmother AND my husband.

I cooked 3 meals today. Provided snacks in-between.
Started a bit on the taxes.
Spent about an hour on the phone with one of my daughters.
Spoke to my mother about 3 times.
Thought about my treadmill,, lol
Started my detox 7 day vitamin system.
Listened to a radio show.
Did a few emails.
Shipped off about 8 items.
Took a few photos.
Edited photos.
Called a company about selling their product.
Called a non-profit about getting signed up with eBay Giving Works.
Spoke to Grandma's nurse.
Did a load of laundry.
Fed the dog and the cat.
Called my son, left him ANOTHER message.
Made a few pots of coffee.
Left a few feedbacks.
Contacted a few buyers.
Answered a few messages.
Put items on my Bump.
Yelled at my husband, TWICE I think!

There you have it!
I am going to reboot my computer and PLAY ON LINE :-)

Still time for A FEW LATE NIGHT REWARDS!!!!


Daily goal with a blogging reward

Getting myself set-up to get busy listing on eBay today!

Goal setting is very important.

Daily goals help me stay focused.

I like to reward myself with something when I complete my goals.

Something I enjoy and look forward to.

I have a new blog idea, so today after my goal has been met, I plan to set up my new blog.

Thanks to a few eBay friends that planted seeds of thoughts into my never ending brain pool of ideas I bought a new domain name.
Thank you goes out to:
Depression Glass Warehouse
Magies Place

Time for work!
Visit my eBay store and see whats NEW!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Met an eBay Friend for Lunch Today

Today I met up with an eBay friend for lunch.
First time we met in person. She has bought a few items from me and listens to:
She is learning the tricks of the trade in eBay and writing her own eBooks!

She has some great information to share with her experience in Marshall arts and her full time job is Truck Driving! Many know her as "Truck Driving Sue!"

Sue takes her eBay business on the road and I must say she is off to a fantastic start!

Was a pleasure to meet her and I wish her tons of selling success!

Check out her eBay store---> AuntSusansYardSale


Sunday, January 4, 2009

January Class: The Basics of Selling on eBay

The Basics of Selling on eBay

January 24th, 9 - 4:00 PM in Jacksonville FL at:
University of North Florida
Contact: Valerie Murphy to sign up:

And in Ocala FL at:
Central Florida Community College
January 30th
9-4:00 pm
sign up at:

Course Overview

Education Specialist
  • Register on eBay
  • Learn more about & what is PayPal
  • Privacy and security
  • How to research items on eBay
  • Pricing, bidding and buying
  • eBay listing and selling
  • Shipping and handling
  • eBay stores basics
  • Buy It Now (fixed) and auction formats
  • Giving and receiving eBay feedback
  • Collecting your money and more!

View my Profile

If you prefer a private class, contact me at:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year eBay Land!

Very excited about starting a new year!

2009 is gonna ROCK for sure!

My motto:

You WILL shine in 2009!

We must all DREAM BIG, Plan big and REACH for the stars!

Pick up a copy of my 2009 Calendar complete with DVD!