Friday, August 28, 2009

Learn to sell on eBay: Ocala FL: Sept 9, 2009

Course Overview

* Register on eBay
* Learn more about & what is PayPal
* Privacy and security
* How to research items on eBay
* Pricing, bidding and buying
* eBay listing and selling
* Shipping and handling
* eBay stores basics
* Buy It Now (fixed) and auction formats
* Giving and receiving eBay feedback
* Collecting your money and more!

My goal is to help YOU succeed!

CLICK HERE to register through eBay.
Or call: 352.209.2792

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pierre Omidyar Tweeted me!

I posted a blog at Practical eCommerce showing a MASTER LIST of eBay staff that tweets.

You can read the original here:
Corporate News in 140 Characters or Less: eBay Inc. Tweets

I received a fantastic response from eBay about this post!

For me being the eBay cheerleader that I am, I was over the moon to receive a tweet from the founding father of eBay himself: Pierre Omidyar

Here is a copy of the official tweet he sent me:

I took a screen shot to save it for my eBay Wall of Fame!

I did send him a tweet back:

It would be so VERY cool if I could do an interview with him!
I'd even be willing to fly to France for this opportunity, not a problem!

Great fares to Europe and beyond.

Thanks to all for your support, just another day
'In The Life of an eBay Cheerleader!"


Friday, August 7, 2009

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I've been writing for them since January 2009 as a Working Mom Examiner.

I've since changed to write about eBay as they requested and they are looking for MORE eBay writers!
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Few paragraphs and links, you are good to go! Easy as pie!