Friday, August 7, 2009

Want to write about EBAY? Sign up now to write for the EXAMINER

The Examiner is looking for more people to write about eBay!

They want someone from every city!

You could easily sign on and write about eBay too!

I've been writing for them since January 2009 as a Working Mom Examiner.

I've since changed to write about eBay as they requested and they are looking for MORE eBay writers!
Fill out an application!

Sign up is easy AND best part is you will MAKE MONEY:
Please add my name as a reference:
Click the banner to search your area:

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I look forward to reading YOUR Articles at the Examiner!

Visit my articles at:

Danna Crawford eBay Examiner


Another great thing about The Examiner is they encourage SHORT and SWEET articles with a lot of links.

They prefer this over long articles!

Few paragraphs and links, you are good to go! Easy as pie!



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Anita said...

Ok, I'm doing it! Thanks, Danna!