Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to get eBay Store Traffic

How to Get More Traffic to an eBay Store (Part 1)

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More Traffic = More Sales!
Getting more traffic to an eBay store increases the odds for more sales.


How to Get More Traffic to an eBay Store (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of a series called: How To Get More Traffic to Your eBay Store.

More Traffic = More Sales!


Monday, February 9, 2009

She SOLD them on eBay!

"The only time I visit that "other" site is to log in and remove items that I sold on eBay!"
Quote from a fellow eBay seller that I will not name.

I had a nice chat with an eBay friend today who told me she had been "dabbling" with listing items on another auction site. She was sharing with me the temptation of trying out selling outside of the eBay box only because the "other" site was there, it was new so why not?

My feelings are if you want to "dabble" with selling outside of eBay then why not try your own website? Set-up is FREE and easy to do. This option is overlooked by so many.
Blogger has an easy to use format (this is what you are viewing right now btw) and wordpress has an amazing easy to use system as well.

You could blog about your items and send them directly to your eBay items.
You could blog about your items and offer a PayPal "Buy It Now" tab.

I would suggest letting your items "SIT" on a site YOU OWN or in an eBay store. But then again, how long should you let those items SIT? Did you do the research about those items? Is there even a market for them?

Anyhow, I thought it was interesting. This gal put her items into another site and yet they are still listed at eBay as well.
The same items!

The best part was, when she said she only goes back to that other site to log in and remove her items ----->

If you are an eBay seller in a RUT, then you may need an eBay Coach!
I can cheer you on to eBay success!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

867-5309 Jenny's number on eBay

I've been watching this auction since the bid was at about 8 hundred bucks!
NOW, with only a day to go, it is at: Current bid: $369,100.00!

Spencer Potter's life will never be the same!

All because of a listing he put on eBay!

NY Times reads:
Jenny Don't Change your number, you may want to sell it on eBay!

Boston Globe:
N.J. disc jockey to part with Jenny's number

Associated Press
International Herald Tribune

Germany: HNA ON-Line:
867-5309: Die berühmte Telefonnummer wird versteigert

Guardian UK)
For sale: Pop's most famous phone number
867-5309, the titular digits of Tommy Tutone's 1982 hit, and one of the last cultural remnants of 80s pop – apart from the mullet – has been listed on eBay

(Canada)Montrealer rings up cash with famous number 867-5309

South Africa: Saturday's Star

South Korea:美 유명곡 전화번호, 온라인 경매 중

Pophistoriskt telefonnummer
Ett av pophistoriens allra mest kända telefonnummer är till salu på köp- och säljsajten ebay.

Holland: 500.000 dollar voor telefoonnummer op Ebay

Jenny's number -- scribbled on a fictional bathroom wall and burned into your mind by a 1982 pop song -- has ignited a fierce online bidding war.

FOX News: Want Jenny's Number? 867-5309 for Sale on eBay

CBS: N.J. Disc Jockey To Part With Jenny's Number
Now You Can Have Jenny's Number: After 5 Years, N.J. Disc Jockey To Part With 867-5309


PHOTo PHOTO A New Jersey disc jockey who requested the phone number made famous in a Tommy Tutone song from the 1980s (867-5309) is now selling the phone number on ebay.
The band "Tommy Tutone" is shown in this file photo, circa 1970. A New Jersey disc jockey who requested the phone number made famous in a Tommy Tutone song from the 1980s (867-5309) is now selling the phone number on ebay.
( Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

MSNBC:For Sale: World's Most Famous Phone Number

New York News

UPI News: Man selling 867-5309 number on eBay

In addition to all this excitement, he has been
Interviewed on over 40 national TV and radio stations including:
FOX Business
CNN radio
Q104.3 - NYC (Jim Kerr Rock N' Roll morning show)
KROQ in LA (Kevin & Bean show)
100.3 Chicago
Wired 96.5 Philadelphia (Chio in the morning)
106.7 The FOX - Detroit (The Chad Show)
Sirius Radio - (Jay Thomas Show)
Broadcasted on over 1,000 radio and TV networks!

What an AWESOME adventure this has been for Spencer!
Wishing him TONS of continued success, wealth, health and HAPPINESS!