Saturday, April 25, 2009

The eBay Giving Works Traveling Charity Bag TRAVELS ON

The Traveling Charity Bag auction was launched last year shortly after attending eBay live 2008. This bag was part of a give-away from eBay Giving Works at a little Cocktail party during eBay live where I was issued the 2008 Golden Ribbon Award, Community Seller from eBay Giving Works (you can watch the video below)
MEANWHILE, I listed this bag during the campaign STAND UP TO CANCER to be a part of this amazing cause in remembrance of my father that lost the battle to rectal cancer. This horrible disease needs to be STAMPED OUT.

I listed the bag on eBay and an eBay Employee won the bag at $208.00 with 100% going to: Stand Up To Cancer.

The bag also included a Journal. And the idea was for the winner to sign the bag, write in the journal and list it back on eBay for Charity. The new winner would do the same and the Traveling eBay Giving Works bag will continue on raising funds for different charities using the eBay Giving Works Platform!
Another WIN WIN situation for all involved!

Since I've become involved with eBay Giving works a few years ago, I've always felt this platform is way overlooked by many in the eBay community. I teach the classes locally here in Ocala Florida, helping nonprofits as well as eBay sellers. I recently taught a 3 week class for Hospice Staff showing them how they can sell items on eBay and donate a percent back to Hospice by using the eBay Giving Works platform.

FOLLOW ALONG the path of the Traveling Charity Bag!
Auction ends April 29th:

eBay Giving Works Traveling Charity Bag & Journal

I will blog about and follow the adventure of each stop this bag makes! So, anyone that wins the bag, CONTACT ME and I can blog about YOU TOO!

Class for eBay Sellers SELLING FOR CHARITY Giving WORKS

FUNDRAISING on eBay Class by Danna Crawford Ocala FL


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another eBay'er SHIPS Green

I ran into another eBay seller that is Shipping Green!

She made a shipping package out of a Starbucks bag!


She sent me some of her VERY COOL Postcards to include with my shipping package!
I've already sent many out!
Special thanks to this eBay seller for doing her part to help save the planet!
Stop by her eBay store and give her a SHOUT OUT:

She makes Custom made blankets and Accessories for Tiny Tots!
eBay store: KDMORE Crafts and More

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having Coffee with One VERY Desperate Housewife

Good Morning!

I have finished off my lovely coffee that was sent to me from:

The truth is, this Housewife is NOT desperate at all, she is in fact a VERY SMART Business women that holds a distinguished background.

She was a special guest on my radio show and I highly recommend you tune in to hear her darling accent! But MOST importantly to hear her FANTASTIC EBAY TIPS!
This gal knows her stuff!

Listen LIVE from your computer 24/7 on demand for FREE!
Turn up your speakers and enjoy the show while your browse through the internet for the next 60 mins. You will NOT be disappointed: "Let's Talk eBay" with One VERY Desperate Housewife!

She was very kind to send me Coffee from her country as she knows I am a coffee addict!
And I am happy to report it was the most satisfying coffee I've ever had!


She also sent me a stack of her business cards which I've been including her card in all my shipping packages!

Visit her eBay store and notice how she goes above and beyond with her photos in each of her listings:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dianes Vintage Charms SHIPS GREEN

Meet this lovely eBay seller:
Dianes Vintage Charms

Diane sent me an adorable "I love Lucy" musical card in the mail as a Thank you for sharing great information on my radio shows @

She touched my heart more than I can express, SO I wanted to show my appreciation by blogging a bit about her and giving her a BIG SHOUT OUT of THANKS right back at ya!!! ((smiles))

I loved the way she sent the card SO MUCH that I took photos and hung it on my wall to show to my future students as an example of how EASY it is TO SHIP GREEN!

Diane has officially take the pledge from my website: and her eBay name has been added to the list of those SHIPPING GREEN!

Notice how she VERY CLEVERLY used a CHEERIOS box, folded it up, inside out and turned it into an envelope! She even added a bit of "Art" to the cardboard, giving it that personal touch!
Then, since she took pledge from my website, she added the words to the package:

I enjoyed the card and her kind words inside!
Thanks bunches Diane!!!!


If you are SHIPPING GREEN, visit my website and take the pledge!


April 22 is EARTH DAY!
Join the eBay GREEN TEAM today!
You may WIN!

To learn MORE about the eBay Green Team, tune into: for a special Wednesday edition with eBay staff!