Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Having Coffee with One VERY Desperate Housewife

Good Morning!

I have finished off my lovely coffee that was sent to me from:

The truth is, this Housewife is NOT desperate at all, she is in fact a VERY SMART Business women that holds a distinguished background.

She was a special guest on my radio show and I highly recommend you tune in to hear her darling accent! But MOST importantly to hear her FANTASTIC EBAY TIPS!
This gal knows her stuff!

Listen LIVE from your computer 24/7 on demand for FREE!
Turn up your speakers and enjoy the show while your browse through the internet for the next 60 mins. You will NOT be disappointed:
PowerSellingMomRadio.com "Let's Talk eBay" with One VERY Desperate Housewife!

She was very kind to send me Coffee from her country as she knows I am a coffee addict!
And I am happy to report it was the most satisfying coffee I've ever had!


She also sent me a stack of her business cards which I've been including her card in all my shipping packages!

Visit her eBay store and notice how she goes above and beyond with her photos in each of her listings:


Sixties_Chick said...

From one coffee addict to another, how could I resist?! Excellent show and I can just taste the coffee. Ummmm good!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Danna, I learned so much from One VERY Desperate Housewife, such as superb customer service, how to write a great listing, putting a photo in the listing, how to keep that customer coming back to your store, friending them on FaceBook, the "goodie bag" in each shipment, time management and just her whole positive attitude. I confess to listening to that show over and over. Maybe I can meet her someday. AND YOU! Thank you for doing your radio shows, Danna. You still rock my world. ~~ Diane, Diane'sVintageCharms