Saturday, October 13, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

EBay shipping keeping the USPS workers in mind

I feel it's important to mark your boxes properly if they are heavy mark them So that postal employees do not hurt themselves while picking up the boxes.

EBay seller should be considerate of our postal employees. After all they are protecting our items that we've sold on eBay to arrive safely and securely!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

We are On The Air

Tonight we will be live with top tips for providing good quality customer service for eBay sellers!

Customer service starts with the description box! That first impression says it all and how your present yourself with photos as it being the first thing the viewer sees. Photos will make or break that first impression. Making the viewer feel "Should I stay or Should  I go?"

Capture the customer and KEEP the customer!  Keep them coming back again and again!

Tune in to learn more about how to provide EXCELLENT customer service:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Can't attend eBay On Location? Join me on Saturday!

This is perfect for those not able to attend the eBay On Location event in Denver on Thursday and Friday. I've met several that have commitments and cannot attend, SO since I will be in town, I've teamed up with the local eBay expert, Terry Gherke and together we are providing a SATURDAY Day of eBay Learning!

Learn How to Sell on eBay The Right Way Training - 2 Classes in 1 Day- Denver Area, CO May 26, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MT)

Lakewood, CO

Take one Class or Take Both Classes & Save

Learn to sell on-line from two of the top certified eBay Business Consultants in the country.
Danna Crawford & Terry Gehrke

Danna Crawford also known as the "Power Selling Mom.
Terry Gehrke is a 4 time Top Rated eBay Power Seller. He has helped thousands of individuals and business owners learned to sell on eBay, Amazon, overstock, and set up their own online ecommerce websites.
He will help you to start earning money on eBay today.

Learn The Basics of Selling on eBay / Beginner Class
Morning 9AM -12PM

The Basics of Selling on eBay teaches students to be successful on eBay by learning how to:
  • Open a seller account
  • Do research and create listings
  • Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
  • Set pricing
  • Open and use a PayPal account
  • Monitor your listings
  • Complete transactions

Learn Beyond The Basics of Selling on eBay / Advanced Class
Afternoon 1PM -4PM

If you"ve been selling on eBay,
and want to learn how to get the most out of your listings,
this is the right class for you. (This is an advanced class
and requires taking the "Basics of selling on ebay" or having previous selling experience on ebay.)

In “Beyond the Basics” you"ll learn how to:
  • Start and/or grow an eBay-based business.
  • Choose the right Listing format.
  • Create compelling Listings.
  • Use eBay Listing Tools.
  • Market your eBay business.
  • Manage your Listings.
  • Pack and Ship Inventory.
  • Use online payments from PayPal.
  • eBay Stores
  • Optimizing your eBay Store.
  • How to market your eBay store effectively.
  • Understanding your business with eBay stores traffic teporting.

    Class Material is $25
    At the end of the class you will receive a Certificate of Completion!
Call 303-257-0164 or purchase tickets online at:


BONUS, if you want to stick around till evening, I am presenting a SPECIAL session "Social Media Marketing Made Simple"  7:00 PM to 8:30 PM :

The Basics of Selling on eBay Class in Denver

Join me on Saturday, May 26th at the Marriott in Lakewood  Colorado :
The Basics of Selling on eBay
Eventbrite - The Basics of Selling on eBay Class

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

eBay's Spring Seller Update with key deadlines approaching

Safeguards for your hard-earned performance record

New seller protections help ensure your performance record is an accurate reflection of your great service:
  • New automatic 5-star Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) for Communication protects sellers from getting low DSRs when there was no communication at all. Starting in April, you'll get an automatic 5-star Communication DSR when you specify same-day or 1-day handling, upload tracking information by the end of the next business day, and no communication was needed between you and the buyer. Of course, friendly, prompt and informative communication is always important, so on transactions where buyer and seller communications do occur, the Communication DSR will be rated by the buyer.
  • Feedback left for a transaction where the buyer had an unpaid item recorded will be automatically removed.
  • Earlier this year, eBay started displaying an automatic message on the View Item page to buyers outside the US regarding customs-related delays and customs duties. Because of this, any Feedback from international buyers that only references customs issues will qualify for Feedback removal.
Updates to boost your efficiency and profitability
  • Manage your business policies from one location. Opt in to a new way to create and manage custom payment, shipping, and return policies and apply them to listings quickly and easily.
  • Return options retired: When sellers accept returns, buyers expect a reasonable timeframe and the ability to get their money back. As of May 2, the 3-day and 7-day and "Merchandise credit" and "Exchange" options will be retired for new listings and relistings. You'll still be able to include a restocking fee and specify specific conditions for accepting returns (new DVDs need to remain shrink-wrapped, for example). And as always, you can specify "No returns accepted", but do note that offering a good return policy can help your sales. Learn how to create return policies that work for both you and your buyers.
  • USPS® First-Class Package service reclassified from Expedited to Standard. Take advantage of FREE Delivery Confirmation™, included with this service, while setting the right delivery expectations for your buyers.
  • A message on the View Item page alerts buyers to the possibility of extended delivery time for items with longer than 3-day handling.
  • FREE pictures for all: Starting July 2, all pictures will be free on eBay, up to the maximum of 12 per listing. Pictures are currently free only with an eBay Stores subscription.
  • New eBay Photo Center. The NEW eBay Photo Center offers tips on how to snap even better pictures. The more quality pictures you include in your listings, the easier it is for buyers to find and buy your items!

    Note: When taking pictures, be sure that they adhere to our new picture requirements, outlined below.
  • New requirements for pictures. Starting this fall, all new listings and relistings will be required to have at least one picture, and all photos must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side and cannot have added borders or text (watermarks okay).
  • Best Match using more information to get your listings in front of the right buyers. eBay's default sort order will begin looking at more information—including information in your item description—to evaluate items for ranking. Item Specifics, product codes like UPCs and ISBNs, brand, part numbers, and other descriptors will be increasingly important.
Category and other updates
  • Electronics: Listing with the eBay catalog will be expanded to more categories, including DVD & Blu-ray Players, Home Theater Receivers, Home Speakers & Subwoofers, Home Theater Systems, and Home Theater Projectors. Starting April 2, you'll want to list items in these categories with the expanded catalog, whenever there's a product match.
  • Motors: Some listing features will be retired—Border, Highlight, Featured Plus!, and Listing Icon in Parts & Accessories and Motors Home Page Featured in Motors Vehicles.
  • eBay Top-rated seller program will spotlight more great sellers—and that could include you.
    Starting in June, the eBay Top-rated seller program will be updated to highlight sellers of all sizes who provide great service, upload tracking to eBay on 90% of their US transactions within their stated handling time, specify a 1-day handling time, and offer a 14-day or longer return policy with a money-back option. Find out how you can qualify for Top-rated seller status, discounts, and other special benefits.
Category and Item Specific updates: As always, changes to categories and item specifics are included with the rest of seller updates. Find out if your listings are affected.
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Coins
  • Computers & Networking
  • Consumer Electronics
  • eBay Motors
  • Home & Garden
  • Toys
  • Jewelry & Watches (Category adjustments in Watches only)
Get details on the 2012 Spring Seller Update and use the Seller Checklist to stay on top of important dates. Update your listings quickly and efficiently with bulk editing tools.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Michael Jones
Vice President,
Merchant Development

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Those dollars add up using eBay Giving Works

eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon eBay MARKETING How to get more traffic DVD/cd & Ebook MARKET Yourself MORE SALES (390352670500) Operation Blessing International Feb-22-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to start an eBay Consignment Business DVD w/eBook TRADING ASSISTANT Biz (390355803826) Habitat for Humanity International Mar-09-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to Sell on eBay DVD/cd EASY LISTING Step-by-step by Danna Crawford SPEAKER (400246160737) Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Feb-12-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to WRITE, SELL & Promote an EBOOK on DVD/CD Presentation by Danna Crawford (400249140846) The Dream Society Mar-10-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to Sell on eBay DVD/cd EASY LISTING Step-by-step by Danna Crawford SPEAKER (400246160737) Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Feb-27-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to Sell Coupons on eBay DVD/CD with eBook Presentation by Danna Crawford (400255186165) The Humane Society of the United States Feb-28-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to Sell Vinyl Record Album's on eBay LP 45 7 Inch 78 12" Records 7" Music + (390352145471) DANCE ALIVE! Feb-15-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to Sell on eBay DVD/cd EASY LISTING Step-by-step by Danna Crawford SPEAKER (400246160737) Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Mar-01-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon How to WRITE, SELL & Promote an EBOOK on DVD/CD Presentation by Danna Crawford (400249140846) The Dream Society Mar-02-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon --------> Bright PINK Rubber Duckie duck for the Cause Ribbon Susan G. Komen (390395179229) Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Global Headquarters Mar-04-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
eBay Giving Works Charity Ribbon --------> Bright PINK Rubber Duckie duck for the Cause Ribbon Susan G. Komen (400281416916) Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Global Headquarters Mar-04-12 Mar-11-12 $1.00
Total donation   $11.00

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Favorite Giraffe loving eBay Member passed away today

Helen "Giraffer" Ziber Smith

Helen Ziber Smith will be sadly missed within the eBay community as she passed away today in peace
under the loving care of Hospice with her family near by. She touched many hearts.
eBay Id: Giraffer. Please take a moment to visit her ME page and pay a bit of tribute. Helen was so proud to be an eBay member:

Her wishes were to not send flowers but to make a donation to a Hospice of choice.

List an item on eBay and include in the title "For Helen Giraffer" As an eBay community we CAN make a difference in honor of Helen.
The donations can be anywhere from 10% to 100% using eBay Giving Works. Search for a Hospice in your area by selecting the State:
Or if you prefer, make a donation to your local hospice in loving memory of Helen Ziber Smith aka: Giraffer

I've know Helen for years through the eBay group and boards. She was a groupie and a boardie always willing to give a tip and send you in the right direction like an eBay crossing guard!  My first eBay live event was Boston 2007 and I was looking forward to finally meeting up with her. My first stop was the eBay Group room and my eBay life changed from that moment forward!

It was not only awesome to spend some time with her and finally meet her in person, BUT to watch her receive the Hall of Fame award was awesome! I was so happy for her and I was so excited to report it to the groups while everyone that didn't attend was cheering her on within the eBay group land and boards, The eBay community was honoring her at eBay live and online! What a cool experience that was as I was a bit of a groupie addict myself! :-)

Who knew I would actually be following in her footsteps the following year also receiving the Hall of Fame award, WOW and then we both were selected to pass along the charity checks on stage with John Donoahe and Lorrie  Norrington.  

Oh I could go on as there are so many fond memories I have with Helen so for now, I'm happy to know she is free from cancer and pain. Life is far too short so treasure those moments and appreciate your friends and family because one day, you will be missed too just like me.  RIP Dear Girraffer!

Friday, January 27, 2012

An eBay Class for the SEASONED Seller

If you've been selling on eBay for awhile and are ready to take it to the NEXT level then come join us on Feb 2 in NE Ocala Florida :

Building A Business on eBay BEYOND The BASICS of SELLING Class Feb. 2 Ocala FL with 10% going to HOSPICE of Marion County Florida 

I've been trained by eBay to teach
"Building Your Business on eBay:
Beyond The Basics of Selling on eBay"

Attention eBay sellers, if you're ready to take your biz to the NEXT Selling level, then THIS is the session for you!

Join me on Thursday, February 2 and start the NEW YEAR on the PATH to eBay Selling Success!

This is the same session that was taught through eBay University. I can provide you with the most up-to-date instruction AND get you started on a SOLID eBay selling journey!
I've personally been selling my way through eBay since 1997. eBay has been my full time career. I started As a single, stay-at-home-mom with 3 Children. eBay opened up a HUGE door of opportunity for my family!
This same door of opportunity awaits YOU!
Since then, I've grown my eBay business taking it to new levels. As a Certified Business Consultant trained BY EBAY, I travel and teach worldwide! Sharing my personal eBay experience and expertise.
My Motto:
"There is plenty of eBay for us all to be blessed and prosper"
I was a speaker at the eBay On Location event in Orlando FL last September presenting how to Market your eBay Business and many of the topics are included in in this intense learning session!
Course Overview

  • Start and/or grow a business on eBay
  • Use eBay Listing Tools to save time
  • How to find products to sell, and what's Hot on eBay
  • Market your eBay business to increase sales
  • Open an eBay Store, why should you have an eBay store
  • Do market research and sales analysis
  • and much more!
My goal is to help YOU succeed!
eBay approved Book  is optional and is not included but will be available for purchase $25.00. Lunch break will be taken and feel free to bring your own or menu will be provided to order carry out. Price does not include lunch.

Follow-up Email support!
Session will run 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday Feb. 2, 2012
Location is in NE Ocala Address will be provided at time of purchase.
Private rates available and will travel.
Check my eBay store for more class options.

Call or text with questions: 352.209.2792Fantastic location just off of I75 I-75, 441, 326 Easy drive from Ocala, Silver Springs Lakeland, Winter Haven, Orlando, St Petersburg, St Pete, Clearwater, Sun City Center, Sarasota, Lake Wales, Ft Meyers, New Port Richey, Gainesville, Tampa, Jacksonville and only 5 hours from Atlanta GA

About Danna Crawford


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Central Florida eBay Sellers Group has moved to Facebook


The Group was first organized on Meetups in January 2011 and has moved January 2012 to FACEBOOK!

eBay sellers from Central Florida UNITE on Facebook!
Stay informed of eBay events and meetings, classes in Central Florida :

Monday, January 9, 2012

Success is just a Click away at eBay

When you list items on eBay Success is just a click away!

It only takes ONE click for a buy it now to be secure and thanks to PayPal we can be even more sure!

Listing items one by one paying attention to the final sum.

Adding keywords is important. Type them in and check again. Forget about WOW, Look here at ME although one I do like if it fits is .....  FREE SHIPPING!

Success is just a click away!

A click to list, a click to buy either way it's a click away!

My eBay friend at the Depression Glass Warehouse likes to say:
"List more - sell more! Can't sell it if it ain't listed!"

I love that motto as it's so true,  If you can't click to list then people cannot click to buy!

Success is just a click away at eBay!

Wishing everyone a success and happy clicking in 2012! 

We are clicking success at VOL!