Monday, January 9, 2012

Success is just a Click away at eBay

When you list items on eBay Success is just a click away!

It only takes ONE click for a buy it now to be secure and thanks to PayPal we can be even more sure!

Listing items one by one paying attention to the final sum.

Adding keywords is important. Type them in and check again. Forget about WOW, Look here at ME although one I do like if it fits is .....  FREE SHIPPING!

Success is just a click away!

A click to list, a click to buy either way it's a click away!

My eBay friend at the Depression Glass Warehouse likes to say:
"List more - sell more! Can't sell it if it ain't listed!"

I love that motto as it's so true,  If you can't click to list then people cannot click to buy!

Success is just a click away at eBay!

Wishing everyone a success and happy clicking in 2012! 

We are clicking success at VOL!

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