Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was a guest today on eBay Radio

eBay Radio PowerSeller Show
with your host Jim Griffith

I love it when I get to do a spot on eBay Radio.

Griff and Me taken in Kansas, October 3, 2008!


Talked about the eBay Selling Tips group launching "Ornaments for Charity" November 1st 2008! Auctions will run for 30 days supporting: FAITH MISSION.
During the month of November you can search eBay: ESTCO and you will be able to view all of the current Ornaments for charity!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jason Miner a Guest on my Radio Show

Meet Jason Miner, Star of PayPal Radio:

You can check out his Radio show archives at:
PayPal Radio

I've been looking forward to having Jason on my Radio show as I've been a fan of his for awhile now. I had the pleasure to first meet him in Boston at eBay live 2007:

THEN at eBay live 2008 in Chicago I had the honor to be his "Guest Speaker" during one of his PayPal presentations.
Here is a small clip my husband filmed:

Jason also attended the Kansas Jubilee, October 3 and 4th in Hays Kansas. He taught classes both days of the event and did some MC work on the final night.
He not only loves his job he is a brilliant instructor.
(I will had a film clip from the Kansas event later)

Here is a photo I had with Jason taken at the Kansas Jubilee:

I was a guest on his radio show once and it can be found in the archives of PayPal radio!

Tonight he will be my guest and you can tune in live tonight at: 8:00 PM EST or listing any time 24/7 from the comfort of your computer speakers:

Will keep you posted about Jason and what's new with his PayPal Radio shows!
He also has a Comic Book Radio show too:-) Will have him give a PLUG during our interview!

Tune in and LEARN more about HOLIDAY SHOPPING and using PayPal!

Monday, October 20, 2008

eBay Store Owners IN THE SPOTLIGHT

About every 30 days I feature eBay store owners on my website:

I am now changing over the featured stores and would like to THANK those shown below for being featured on my website! Wishing you all TONS of eBay selling success:

Choosey Choice Clothing features authentic designer or name brand clothing at a BARGAIN Price. Mens shirts, womens tops, skirts, jeans, jackets, dresses.Liz Claiborne, Tommy, Calvin Klein, Daisy Fuentes, Nine West and MORE! I also have Handbags,Wall Sconces,and Health and beauty. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Pottery,glass,Christian Music CD's and awesome items!

Please check out our store and if theres a Fuller Brush/Stanley Home Product item that you need thats not listed just let us know and we will add it to the store.

Selling on eBay since 1998 Mark Ryden memorabilia * Home Electronics * $$$ Stock trading books & CDs $$$ * Toys * Barbie & Wizard of Oz collectibles * Screenwriting Books * Women�s clothing * Electronics

All the scarves come from New York City's garment district. They are representative of the most popular colors and designs of the season. The herbs and spices are available in the cooler months. The visors and cool scarves in the warmer months. And the postcards are from an estate and are great for scrapbooking vacation memories. We make the survival kits and gag gifts are a hoot and there is something for everyone. To keep things interesting, new items are constantly being added to our inventory in our auctions and store. Please check back often for great merchandise at fantastic prices. Most store listings offer the Make an Offer feature. Look for our FREE offers also! We do welcome bulk and wholesale inquiries.

I Sell Antiques,Vintage & New! Blue Willow, Collectibles, Original Art & Prints, vintage & antique, China, Pottery, Artglass, Oriental Rugs, Vintage & Antique Furniture, Accessories, Wedding Items, Home Decor & Designer Clothes & Baby Items!.

katekinners is proud to carry See-D's Unmounted Rubber Stamps, handmade hemp bracelets, books, craft & seasonal items, adult & childrens clothing, toys, music & more.

The Store with a Personal Touch" I will always have different items up for auction, new and used (if used, always in beautiful condition). Ladies and mens clothing, accesories, Jewelry, Custom Jewelry, antiques, art, collectibles, vintage items, pottery and glass, household and miscellaneous.

If you would like to be added to my TOP 10 eBay store pages and be featured at my website, visit my site and send me a note through my CONTACT page and I will add your eBay store to the Line-up:
PowerSellingMom.com banner swap

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sad day when eBay Employees say goodbye

My heart goes out to all those employees that lost their wonderful eBay jobs.
I can only imagine what each of them must be going through.
I wonder if any of them will start selling on the site?
Was just a thought.

Will they be angry you think?
Leaving will be tough for some.
I bet it will be hard for those staying to watch those cubicle's being taken down and cleaned out. Watching them move out and wondering if they themselves could be next?

I think it will be a sad day in eBay Land when those laid off officially leave. Almost like a funeral.
My heart breaks for those effected. I do wish them all the best and do hope they will continue to climb up the ladder of success.

Kind of like when my neighbor was laid off from Ford of Ocala. They gave 75 people their walking papers. She is struggling now looking for a job.

News like this has forced me to lay down my Pom-Poms for the day in their honor. Wishing all those eBay employees heading to the unemployment line, the very best.