Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sad day when eBay Employees say goodbye

My heart goes out to all those employees that lost their wonderful eBay jobs.
I can only imagine what each of them must be going through.
I wonder if any of them will start selling on the site?
Was just a thought.

Will they be angry you think?
Leaving will be tough for some.
I bet it will be hard for those staying to watch those cubicle's being taken down and cleaned out. Watching them move out and wondering if they themselves could be next?

I think it will be a sad day in eBay Land when those laid off officially leave. Almost like a funeral.
My heart breaks for those effected. I do wish them all the best and do hope they will continue to climb up the ladder of success.

Kind of like when my neighbor was laid off from Ford of Ocala. They gave 75 people their walking papers. She is struggling now looking for a job.

News like this has forced me to lay down my Pom-Poms for the day in their honor. Wishing all those eBay employees heading to the unemployment line, the very best.

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