Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pierre Omidyar Tweeted me!

I posted a blog at Practical eCommerce showing a MASTER LIST of eBay staff that tweets.

You can read the original here:
Corporate News in 140 Characters or Less: eBay Inc. Tweets

I received a fantastic response from eBay about this post!

For me being the eBay cheerleader that I am, I was over the moon to receive a tweet from the founding father of eBay himself: Pierre Omidyar

Here is a copy of the official tweet he sent me:

I took a screen shot to save it for my eBay Wall of Fame!

I did send him a tweet back:

It would be so VERY cool if I could do an interview with him!
I'd even be willing to fly to France for this opportunity, not a problem!

Great fares to Europe and beyond.

Thanks to all for your support, just another day
'In The Life of an eBay Cheerleader!"



ConnieFoggles said...

That is so cool! I'm realizing that people online who we think are celebrities are real, genuine people. No need to feel uneasy about contacting them. Glad you replied to his tweet. Good things will come from it.

Anonymous said...

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