Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Met an eBay Friend for Lunch Today

Today I met up with an eBay friend for lunch.
First time we met in person. She has bought a few items from me and listens to: PowerSellingMomRadio.com
She is learning the tricks of the trade in eBay and writing her own eBooks!

She has some great information to share with her experience in Marshall arts and her full time job is Truck Driving! Many know her as "Truck Driving Sue!"

Sue takes her eBay business on the road and I must say she is off to a fantastic start!

Was a pleasure to meet her and I wish her tons of selling success!

Check out her eBay store---> AuntSusansYardSale

ps.. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN THE OCALA AREA AND WOULD LIKE TO MEET FOR LUNCH, email me at: danna@powersellingmom.com

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