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What is a DSR?

What is a DSR?

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If you’re an eBay’er than you may already know what DSR means and if you’re not an eBayer’ then it’s time you signed up! ((smiles)) Meanwhile, many eBay sellers are learning about the term “DSR” aka: “Detailed Seller Ratings”

As of tomorrow, Monday, May 19th the feedback rules will be changing in the eBay World.

DSR’s are very important for all Powersellers if they want to receive a discount off of their eBay bills.

Detailed Seller Ratings are now officially part of the feedback system. Sellers are on the rise to become better sellers and buyers are encouraged to give “Truthful” ratings. Most all sellers are going above and beyond to receive 5 stars across the board.

My suggestions to sellers to help keep ratings up:

* Provide a customer satisfaction promise.
* Encourage Customer contact for problem solving.
* Make it easy for customers to ask questions.
* Answer questions in a timely manner.

My Suggestions to buyers leaving the ratings:

* Be Kind!
* If your upset about an issue, please try to resolve it by contacting the seller before giving the rating.
* Give the Seller a “Pat” on the back letting them know they DID do a good job and you left them 5 stars!

Many sellers like myself, make a living from our eBay sales and it is our livelihood. We all make mistakes from time to time and the majority of sellers are doing their best to become Powersellers and to remain Powersellers. I do hope everyone keeps my basic suggestions in mind when leaving feedback. If you’re having a bad day personally, please don’t take it out on a fellow eBay’er.

As the eBay motto stands: “People are Basically Good!” I am a firm believer in this myself. I do keep in mind everyone can have a bad day and sometimes it’s better to walk away from a situation then react too fast with regrets later.

Feedback must be taken very seriously from this day forward.

Sellers can now follow their stats by viewing the “PowerSeller Dashboard.” This is located on your “My eBay” page on the left side below “My Account.”

You can also sign up for an email alert from Channel Advisors’ free service: DSR WATCH. Anyone can check out other eBay ID’s through this service as well.

eBay sellers are needing a 5 Star rating on Each of the 4 categories:

* Item as Described
* Communication
* Shipping Time
* Shipping and Handling Charges

The biggest complaint I am hearing from the sellers that are shipping outside the USA is the “Shipping and Handling Charges and Shipping Time.” Many are experiencing low ratings in this area which is bringing the over all score down and keeping them from getting a sellers discount.


Please keep in mind when you purchase items from outside your country, it indeed is going to take longer and cost more. This is a fact. Please don’t take it out on the seller when shipping companies make mistakes. After all it is someone’s livelihood that is at stake. Communicate with the seller about the concerns, allowing the seller an opportunity to make adjustments for future shipping’s.

We are all trying to keep eBay as a safe and fair marketplace. Everyone can do their part by shaking hands as buyers and sellers unite creating a better shopping experience for everyone involved.

Don’t be shy and communicate with each other.

We can all grow as not only better people but, better eBayers!

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