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eBay Live Boston 2007 : Education Specialist Day

eBay Live 2007 DAY ONE!!!!!

EBAY LIVE!!! Day 1, June 13th 2007!

I went a day early to attend an Education Specialist , All Day Training Session and Dinner
held a the Westin Hotel in Boston!
It was well worth flying in early!
I felt like a queen as the PowerU organization went all out!

They Wined and Dined us with Breakfast, Lunch and to a Beautiful Lobster Dinner!

The 1st Speaker was:

The 2nd speaker was : Andy Sernovitz!
He put on a wonderful presentation!
And eBay bought each of us a Signed copy of his latest book:
Word of Mouth Marketing!

You too can pick up a copy of his book AND ask him
to sign it : Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz

I have found this book to be very useful!

The highlight of this was to to finally MEET GRIFF from
eBay Radio!!!!

and a Special Gal from eBay Radio:
e-Betsey w/her Hubby:

THEN, I got to meet Jason Miner from PayPal Radio:

Some friends that sat at my Lunch Table!
See anyone you know???

Some friends you may know from my Dinner Table:

I had the honor to meet the eBay Queen from MySpace!
She said to me in the Parking Lot that she was My Friend
on MySpace:

I do look a bit drunk here but I honestly was not!!!

Sharon and the PowerU Team made this night and day a complete success!

This Education Specialist became a Good friend of mine!
He was already my friend on MySpace and is a member of my
Affiliate Program!
Brilliant eBay seller:

My 1st Day couldn't of been more perfect!!!!!
At the end of the day I was so ON Top of the World
Ready to see what tomorrow would bring!
This day made me VERY PROUD to be an:

Stay tuned for DAY TWO:-)

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