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Are you an eBay Twit or Just a Twitter'er

Are you an eBay Twit or Just a Twitter'er
Twitter is a Tweet Tool


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Publish Date: September 25, 2008
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“Twitter is a Tweet Tool!” Now say it 10 times as fast as you can. After you try that you will get the “fun” feeling that Twitter is.

Twitter allows us to mix business with pleasure. The best way to describe twitter: Twitter is a social, real-time, LIVE, short messaging system. It alloys you to post a message, under 140 characters and send it out to all those that are following you. Those people can then read the message directly from their twitter home page.

Many eBay members including staff, have joined in with the networking process. Staying up-to-date with trends and eBay happenings.

Visit my twitter page at:

Staying active in Twitter can help build a client base. Business owners can seek out customers by using the search box within the twitter system. The key is to grow your following and to follow those that interest you. It's a fun way to socialize and to blend business with pleasure.

You can send "Tweets" from your cell phone,computer,iphone and many different applications within the internet.

You can add a Twitter widget to your MySpace page, Facebook, blogs and/or websites. I have one at the bottom of

They have several styles of widgets to pick from. I have a different one on each of my sites.

To learn more about Twitter, visit: The Twitter Blog.

Once you sign up, please "Follow Me" at:

For the experienced "Twit", here is a very cool counter you can add to your website, MySpace, Blog or any site you would like. Called:Twitter Count.

Following too many Twits? Here is a great site to see how many people you're following and adjust your settings as desired. Great master list making it easy to un-follow as well. Called: Less Friends.

So, whether you’re an eBay Twit or just an internet Twit, this tool will work for all involved!

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