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eBay Blog, Archived March 2008

Archive - March 2008

Digital Delivery Changes At eBay by Danna Crawford

I finally have my post up at my blog at Practical eCommerce!
Many of you know I am the eBay Blogger for them once a week!

Thanks to all for your emails and support during this difficult time with changing
my eBooks around and simplifying my system!

It is the goal as always and will continute to be my goal!
The bills MUST get paid, and I will continute to pay them
by selling on eBay!

Hugzz, Danna ..<><..

MySpace Marketing Your eBay Items


Thanks to Barbara In Tahoe, she inspired me to create
this YouTube video!
I used an eBay radio interview I did last year with Griff
and combined graphics to match the interview!
Updated it to make a NEW MARKETING idea
in combination with my 2nd edition eBook!

Feel free to share it with friends and leave a comment at YouTube!

I know, I need a life,, lol
I love eBay , what I can I say ((smiles))

Item number: 150214910161

Happy Paddy's Day!

Click to download a free copyof the IRISH E-COOKBOOK!
Enjoy, Danna

2 Free eBooks

Happy Paddy's Day!


Each eBook is in PDF format!
Will need a Adobe Reader to view.
Just copy the PDF code and Paste it into your browser for easy access!
Any questions, let me know!
Danna :-)

eBay Webinar Class Learn to Sell LIVE on-Line

Now Offering LIVE, one-on-one CLASSES
all from the COMFORT of your Computer!!!

All you need is a PHONE LINE and/Or SKYPE
Plus your computer and we will GO LIVE
while you WATCH and LEARN with Me!

Just a PowerSellingMom on eBay for over 10 Years now!

Learn from Your Home! Take my ON-LINE CLASS

Hi ya,

I am now set-up to TEACH my classes from home!

I've been teaching eBay at our local college here in Ocala FL
AND NOW, I've taken it up a level and offering my classes
WORLDWIDE! Learn from the comfort of your home!
Through your Computer and your telephone or Skype!
Private, ONE-ON-ONE classes with ME!

Yesterday I taught a couple form Singapore!
Live Webinar teaching them eBay for an hour!

Check my store for more info!

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