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Daniel Morton: eBay Blog Archive June 2009

Archive - June 2009

Introducing Daniel Morton a 75 Year Old Artist with a Dream

Daniel had a dream!

25 + years ago he had a concept!

It was to create a spiral design!

Daniel Morton

He is an experienced carpenter and you have seen his work if you've ever visited the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, he did the trim and installed the show!

Also, as a machinist and welder Daniel considers himself a design engineer!

Because, he brought the concept to the market. He sold machinery tooling and hardware, and received a royalty.

After all these years he was unable to come up with the funds to make this concept a reality!

So he decided to create his spiral in ceramics! A model was taken to the ceramic department of the University of Miami, which he was told they were unable to do. Being unable to accept the words,(Can't Do), he proceeded to make plaster molds and learn the ceramic business!

Creating the shape, (A Total Spiral, coil, helix) doing this in ceramics has been a challenge, Clay shrinks 13%, twisting and warping, has been a constant reminder why no one has completed this before.

To control the twisting and warping, he needed to hand dry each piece.

Quite time consuming. The model is 18 inches tall which is a little too much for the height of a coffee-table. So he proceeded to shrink them even further.

Now the spirals are about 15 1/2 inches tall. Also , assembling the spiral and the bases together in ceramics I find not sufficient enough for the weight for a coffee-table, so he decided to bond the bases and spirals together with fiberglass! Also filling the hollow spiral with rigid-foam given its strength and durability.

The tooling and hardware required doing the assembly of the base and spiral is only one more of the challenging problems that

"All Things Are Possible, With, Patients and Tenacity" Dan Morton

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