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June 2007 PowerSellingMom: MotoXRush

June's PowerSellingMom

This months Featured Power Seller is motoxrush

My name is Melynda Rush and I am a Power Selling Mom of two great husband and my 8 year old son! LOL!

I have been a member of eBay since 2004 and have been selling full-time on eBay since July 2005.

The way I got started on eBay is I had a brick and mortar Power Sports retail store and my idol who is also my best friend, "my Dad", one day told me about selling on eBay.

So I decided to give it a try and listed a few things, then became hooked!

I eventually began to make more money selling on eBay than I did opening my store everyday, so I eventually listed everything I could by opening a store on eBay using the inventory from my Brick and Mortar store and now I realize I made the best decision ever!

I have since expanded from selling not only Power Sports apparel and parts n accessories to selling virtually anything like Avon products, home decor items, jewelry, Barbie Dolls and more!

I also make custom logos, store banners, custom listing templates and sell a great wholesale list of places to buy wholesale merchandise from, so that others can get in on the eBay Selling fun!

I became a Silver level Power Seller after my first 3 months of selling on eBay and have been able to maintain my Power Selling Status ever since.

I have learned to market my eBay business everywhere I can and I am so excited that it has grown to be as successful as it has!

One day, I discovered eBay groups and later on started my own eBay teaching group, "Getting Started on eBay and Improving". I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others about eBay so much that I eventually became an Education Specialist trained by eBay University so thatI could teach others in a live setting in my area.

I am very thankful to my Dad for letting me in on the eBay information and I feel that making eBay my full-time career has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love what I do and I love to spread the word to others!

eBay has given me the freedom to spend more time with my family by being able to work from home and has given me a great chance to make an extra income to buy things for my family to enjoy!

I have gained a large amount of friends from eBay from all over the world & Danna is one of the awesome friends I made while being part of eBay. Her motivation and drive is just phenomenal! She truly is an inspiration to more people than she probably will ever realize!!

Thank you so much Danna for giving me the opportunity to be the featured Power Selling Mom for the month of June!

Melynda Rush
eBay id : MotoXRush
eBay Store: Rush-Moto-X
My Guide:

Thanks bunches to this Awesome Powerselling Mom for being our June, Featured Power Seller!

I had the honor to meet Melynda's Father a few months ago while he was in the area.
He would get that "Sparkle" in his eye everytime we talked about her!
She has been blessed with a Loving, Inspirational Father!
And, here is her loving husband and Son!

Happy Father's Day!

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