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The eBay Live Traveling Lab Coat is Truckin’ for Charity!

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Publish Date: January 08, 2008
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The journey continues for the eBay Live Lab coat!

It all began back in June 2007 in a little bean town called “Boston” where an eBay employee wore this lab coat proudly at an event called “eBay Live.” He played a special part in this event by helping many eBayer’s in a section of “Help Hall.”

Brandon is the famed eBay employee and your can read the start of this fascinating story when I first blogged about it right here back in August 2007.

Since then this lab coat has been making its way around the USA!

Currently the new seller has actually put the “Traveling” into The Traveling Lab Coat!

EbWiz is an authentic Truck Driver. He purchased the lab coat from eBetsy.

She purchased the lab coat from Kompolt, who purchased the lab coat from ME which I bought the lab coat from Brandon.

The saga continues!

Today I am encouraging you to read the Traveling Lab coat journal provided by eBwiz as he writes about his “Truckin’ Adventures!

See the photo album of this amazing journey! His truck even hit a Buzzard while hauling some hazardous material.

Breaker, Breaker one-nine this hears “PowerSellingMom” and I would like to know what your ten-twenty is?

View the current auction: Item Number 120206541002.

Will all silliness aside, The Traveling Lab coat has created quite a stir around the internet and within the eBay Community! Memos are going out around offices, press releases are being sent and most importantly of all, money is being raised for charity!

As of today this amazing item has raised a total of $1,140.00.

Organizations include: Primary Children’s Medical Center, Disabled Online Users Association, Challenged Athletes Foundation/Bob Hebeler Memorial, AIDS Services of Dallas and now the current charity chosen by eBwiz is: St. Louis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

This lab coat that started off as a simple piece of eBay Memorabilia has become a part of eBay History in the making!

Who will be the next owner? Who will come forward and join in on this Traveling Adventure?

I personally have dedicated myself to promoting this lab coat. I’ve purchased the domain: and will point it to each website and/or auction listing as it travels eBay and the Globe for Charity!

“That’s a ten-four Good buddy!”

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