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eBay Live Boston 2007 : Day 3 June 16th THE GALA

eBay Live GALA Final Day Boston 2007

June 16th 2007
The last day of eBay Live.

Boston is a BIG BIG City!
And as a "Country Mouse" Like myself,
I did get lost

at least ONCE every day!

This Tunnel Collected a LOT of my money ::

I did spend a total of $60.00 just in parking!

BUT, it was all well worth the Magnificent Adventure!
This was my 1st year to be able to get away and "splurge"
I treated myself for this trip and I had a BLAST!

I had met Cindy on my 1st day and I soon enjoyed seeing her Smiling Face whenever I would run into her! This last day I realized I needed a photo with her! And NOW, She even has a MySpace page, SO, stop by and BE HER FRIEND, she needs friends! ((winks))
She has some GREAT EbAY Live Photos to share too!

I worked the Education Specialist booth from 9:00 AM till Noon.
So, Unfortunately I missed the Town Hall Meeting :-(
BUT, I did get a few people to become Education Specialists and join the program! SO, that was very rewarding!
I am a proud Education Specialist!!!

This gal I met at my "MySpace" Round Table event the day before!
And on this day, she came by the booth to JOIN the Program!
If you are reading this my friend CONTACT ME!!!

Here we have two fellow eBayers! Carl and Greg!
Carl runs a Group I belong to:
North West Florida, the Panhandle
I am a moderator for this group and we need MORE members!
SO, if you are an eBayer and FROM this area of Florida,
PLEASE join us for some local meetings and selling strategies!!!

I finally ran into Janelle Elms!
Was a pleasure to meet her face to face at last!!!!

I am Griff and eBetsy's #1 Fan!!
I even got to do a little Radio Segment on eBay Radio!
And will have some segments on YOU TUBE very soon!
If you are an eBayer and you have not checked in OR joined the eBay Radio Group,
HURRY HURRY as we are on a mission to get
20 Thousand Members by the NEXT eBay live!

I bought an eBay Snow Globe AND had it signed by the designer:
Michael O.Smith!
SORRY FOLKS, I'm not selling it either! I am treasuring it!

While waiting in line to enter the Grand Ballroom where the Gala Was being held,
the wait went by VERY fast because eBay kept us entertained!
Clowns were roaming the lines doing card tricks, passing out Free Drinks (non-alcoholic),
Free Mentos, Ebay Tattoos and there were even Clown Photographers!
They each had instant cameras and would come up and take your photo!
It was so cool AND made the time pass by!
(Disney should learn something from this to help with the lines)
ANYHOW, I happen to be in line behind this couple,
and suddenly she said OMG, I bought an eBook from you!!!
haha, How cool was that!!!
Here I am in a photo with her and her husband!

She even called me on the phone once and I remember her having a VERY COOL
eBay Store! NOW, I need her to contact me again so I can add a link to this page!!!
**waves** to you wherever you are!

Some complained about the food BUT I thought it was great!
The Mini Boston Cream Pie was to DIE FOR! :-)
.... and, just
Walking into the Gala was AMAZING!
The eBay Staff was lined up on both sides of the walkway!
Even Meg and Griff were in the line-up!
They cheered all of us as we entered the room!
It was beyond anything I can describe!
Another day I felt VERY PROUD to be an eBay Seller!!

eBetsy and her Hubby were SO CREATIVE!
Fun and Silly! HAVING A BLAST!!!
Being a part of the Carnival Theme!

This was the night I FINALLY got my photo with Meg Whitman:

Thanks to my eBay Friend:

Ask him to be a Friend and Take a look at his
Awesome photos from eBay Live:

I had a Blast!
It was a memorable event to add to my life!
I met so many wonderful eBay Staff members and fellow ebay sellers/buyers!
I did video tape and will be soon adding those as well!
For NOW,
I AM BROKE!!!!!!!!
But hey, as my Daddy would say
"It's Only Money and there is MORE to be made tomorrow'!
So, visit my eBay store and help out this eBay Junkie! ((smiles))

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