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The Largest Multi-Seller Charity Event on eBay: P.E.P.

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Publish Date: October 19, 2007
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Painting Ebay Pretty, otherwise known as: P.E.P. is an eBay Sellers Group dedicated to helping each other and communities.

The Proud sponsor of the largest Multi-Seller Charity Auctions held on eBay supporting: Susan G. Komen For the Cure .

Many people assume that P.E.P is for painters because of the name. The history of the name has nothing to do with painters.

In-My-Cedar-Chest’s store branding has always been.. In My Cedar Chest - Painting eBay Pretty One Template at a Time. This is where the name originated. P.E.P has so many lovely painters in the group but is set up for all sellers of the eBay Community to share their ideas and have a place for discussion.

There are wonderful painters, sewers, artists, people that sell material, buttons, reborns, antiques and anything else under the sun. P.E.P. was built on a dream that sellers of the same wares could come together and get along and share ideas while helping their community by giving to charity at the same time.

The first organizers of P.E.P. were the talented artists: kobychicken , morning*rose and In-My-Cedar-Chest.

Sisters: kobychicken and In-My-Cedar-Chest lost their mother to breast cancer at the young of 41 and fought it for 11 years before losing her battle. Many of the ladies in this group have lost a loved one fighting this devastating disease as well.

This event is the highlight of the year. Already they have reached out and touched hearts in so many ways all during this, what seems “short week”:

Anyone interested in joining the group you can request an invite. This is a private group and is accepting new members. As of today they have 625 members . If you would like to be a part of next years event, I urge you to join now and stay in touch throughout the year.

Intake for donations starts in July and is cut off in mid September to prepare for the mid October event.

Painting Ebay Pretty - P.E.P - has held other charity auctions to help with NCCS- National Children’s Cancer Society and St Judes. Because of the Preparation for these events P.E.P has dedicated to holding the annual event for the Komen Foundation. Our -Giving Starts Here- attitude is what makes our group so wonderful.

Everyone has bonded together in so many ways offering support, prayer and open arms for those in need. I am Proud to be a member of such loving caring group uniting with eBay sellers and buyers worldwide!

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