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Introducing Mr.Bump an eBay Affiliate Script Writer

Introducing Mr. Bump an eBay Affiliate Script Writer


Status: Published
Publish Date: June 08, 2008
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Meet Jon, the developer/creator of this amazing script called “The Auction Bump"

Owner of

I met Jon when he was brand new to eBay as I had the honor to give him his very 1st feedback: June 19, 2006.

Our eBay relationship started off with a simple phone call. He found me through my website He phoned me up instead of emailing me. I was thrown off guard because no one had ever called me before.When I answered the phone I heard him say: “Hello, I’m calling to Ask Danna an eBay question!” I felt like I was famous or something that this eBay seller had actually phoned me up. I acted like I get calls all the time and proceeded to help him. He had listed his 1st auction and eBay had pulled it. He didn’t know the rules with listings at that time and even though his heart was in his auction, this sort of listing was not allowed on eBay. He had listed a Birthday Card for his boss. It was an adorable auction he created. This auction idea of his came about because he had asked around his office for everyone to pitch in to purchase a greeting card and the only offer that came in was a quarter!

He then turned to eBay figuring he could ask the world’s largest online marketplace to help pay for his bosses birthday card, plus he could get a bit of attention to his website that he had just launched.

Little did Jon know that his auction presentation was in eBay violation because it was not an approved charity by eBay. Long story short, I helped Jon get his Bosses Greeting Card listed the proper way and the rest is eBay history!

Since then we’ve kept in touch as I’ve offered him eBay support.

Jon being the computer geek that he is, created this brilliant script called “Auction Bump!” This amazing script is easy to insert into a website allowing eBay sellers to promote their eBay listings for free in a self-serve manor.

Last year Jon helped me launch: with his script in full action.

The amazing part about this script is, it contains an affiliate code. When an eBay seller posts their eBay item on my page, and another person clicks on the photo and makes a purchase at eBay, my affiliate code is attached.

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved!


eBay Gets more Exposure.

* eBay sellers get more traffic.
* eBay sellers make more sales.
* eBay sellers advertise for free.
* eBay buyers find unique items. I make a commission! Since inserting this auction bump script at my website has blossomed into a high traffic website.

Jon, also known as Mr. Bump has set-up many sites around the internet containing his widely recognized script. See his bump in action @ Auction!

To do the auction bump:

Click on the FREE Bump Box.

* Insert your Photo representing the item you’re selling.
* Insert the auction name.
* Insert the eBay Item number.

That’s all there is to it! Your eBay item will now show up in the first box on the site, until someone else comes along and “Bumps” you to the next box! Eventually your item will work its way down the page “bumpity bump” till it has been bumped off the site!

Couple other Bump Sites:

* MagiesPlace.Info

The bump script can be customized to meet your “Bumping” needs!

Jon recently set up a bump page for me called: . This is an eBay store bump! Designed for eBay store owners to advertise their eBay stores.

My site also has the MySpace Bump. A place to share your MySpace page and make more MySpace friends.

My favorite Bump script is the Charity Bump! Designed only for eBay Charity Auctions!

Jon has several other types of scripts available in his eBay store!

Hats off to Mr. Bump, another creative eBay seller I’ve had the pleasure to meet in eBay land!

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