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Free Gallery Listings at eBay

Free Gallery Listings at eBay

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I’ve been busy listing eBay items today, and I wanted to take some time out to Blog and encourage everyone to get listing on eBay ASAP!

If you’re not an eBay seller and have been thinking about it, now is especially the time! Because of the fee changes that went into effect today, it’s cheaper than ever to list an item on eBay than it was yesterday!

eBay has given us: Free Gallery listings!

Quote from eBay:

“When buyers browse categories or search for items, they see items with Gallery pictures directly in search results. Your free Gallery picture increases your chances of a successful sale. Items with a Gallery picture sell for an average of 14% more than those without one.”

As an eBay Education specialist I have taught my students through the years to always include gallery in their listings. The fee we were paying before was 35 cents to list an item in the gallery in addition to the listing fee. This bonus that eBay has given us will help all of us reduce our listing costs and I, among other sellers, greatly appreciate it!

The rules are simple with gallery listings, you can change your gallery photo if you need to change it or adjust it. But you can only change it BEFORE your item receives a bid. Once a bid is placed on your item, no changes can be made to the photo or the listing. You can ADD to the description but you can’t change the main description.

Many shoppers like myself, tend to shop by looking at items in the gallery. If you’re a shopper on eBay you will know what I mean. I tend to click on an item with a photo more than an item with only the image of a camera by it or an item with an empty spot by it.

Clear, crisp photos are important for all our eBay listings and the gallery photo is especially important because it is what “draws” the customer into the listing!

As a seller my profits will now be higher and I am listing more items than I was before! As a buyer I will be able to view a lot more auctions than I did before with the additional gallery photos showing up in the searches.

Another great thing about adding a photo to the gallery section is eBay automatically resizes it for you. I remember, “Back in the day” of listing when I use to put my items on my scanner, my photos would show up as large as my scanner! The page would take forever to load and the viewer would have to scroll the entire page, lean away from the computer to figure out what the item was!

We’ve come a long way baby! Now with the simple CLICK and download of our photos, the eBay system will size them up for us! Another way to make the listing of items run smoother!

Ok, I must get back to listing! Thanks for reading!

Below are a few galleries for your viewing pleasure. Just wanted to show you a few samples.

Have fun looking around and notice the fun of “Window Shopping” through the gallery listings

Digital Art

Entertainment Memorabilia

Bath & Body

Wholesale Lots, Cell Phone & PDA

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