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POST from the eBay Chatter, April 20th, 2007

A Member Teaches How to Drive Traffic via MySpace on eBay Radio

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Jeff_post Meet Danna Crawford. She's a self-described PowerSelling Mom and is the brains behind She's also a huge fan of eBay Radio with Griff, and recently appeared on the show to talk about one of her areas of expertise - driving traffic to your eBay listings from After the show, she kindly put her thoughts about the experience on paper (well, electronic paper) for us here at The Chatter. Enjoy!

On March 20th I was invited to be a guest on eBay Radio and I was thrilled with this news. But when I Dannafound out I was going to be interviewed by Griff, I was even more thrilled!

I have always had great respect for Griff. I read his eBay Bible, listened to him on the radio and watched him teach at eBay University on DVD (part of my Education Specialist Class). Now, I was getting to spend 8 min with him on the radio - a great honor for me!

The topic was about an eBook I wrote called “Creative Networking from ‘Your’ Space to the Marketplace,” about how you can drive traffic to your eBay listings by using MySpace. It’s available in my Store by the way....plug, plug.

Griff seemed to be very interested in this topic. He asked "How do we view your MySpace page"? After I told him, there were a few seconds of silence, followed by a few "happy sounds" from under his breath. I felt like he was sincerely impressed with my MySpace page!

He was even surprised to see that he, Meg, eBay Radio and eBay Giving Works all had Fan pages in MySpace!

It was as if I had opened up a whole new world to him - a world full of opportunity for eBay sellers to use as a traffic-driving tool. For reference, MySpace holds the number two spot in my Traffic Report from my eBay Store (with eBay as number one).

I explained how important it is to "Network", which means gain many friends with the same interest as you. Then you create a flow of traffic from MySpace to your eBay Store and/or your eBay items by inserting direct links. My ebook suggests ways to search for people that may collect the types of items you are selling. The concept is so simple, and yet so effective.

If you missed it, you can easily search the eBay Radio archives for the show by looking for the 3/20 date. My eBay Radio experience was smooth sailing - I sold a few ebooks and I gained a few new MySpace friends. But the ultimate part for me was to get to speak with Griff!

I encourage everyone to join the eBay Radio Group to get updates on when Griff will be live on the air [Jeff’s note: I solemnly promise Griff didn’t ask Danna to include this note].

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I have to tell you after this someone hacked my MySpace page and then opened up a NEW account with my name. CRAZY! LOL

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