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Meg Whitman eBay's CEO Will Be Missed

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**It’s Official: Meg Whitman, eBay’s CEO is stepping down on March 31, 2008.**

She will remain on the board of directors.

I’ve admired Meg Whitman for many years. As I’ve grown my eBay career Meg has managed the worlds Online Marketplace from her cubical at eBay headquarters. She calls eBay her “Baby!”

I know I can’t even compare to her success but she has had a huge impact on my life.

My daughters can attest to the fact I would use Meg as an example many times over the years with my girls growing up. My Twins are in their 3rd year of college and one is majoring in business. Just last year when my daughter mentioned she may carry on to get her masters, I told her to go for it as Meg should be ready to retire by then and she could work for eBay! And again it was like “Oh Mom!”

That “Oh Mom” statement was a term I’ve heard for many years when I would speak about anything eBay! Little did they realize how eBay has paid their way since they were small. Thanks to eBay I’ve been able to be at home for my children 24/7. I’ve been content, getting my bills paid and putting my family first. Ebay has allowed me to build my career over the years and now I help others learn the tricks of the trade. Working from home to me has been the ultimate situation. I can’t thank eBay enough for creating this Marketplace for all of us! I wrote an eBook: “How To Be an eBay PowerSellingMom!”

Meg Whitman has been a great influence on my life. Looking up to her and using her as a role model for my daughters. She represents all young ladies with hopes and dreams for a brighter future in so many ways.

College is not for everyone. But for those girls that are attending or planning to attend, Meg holds a powerful testimony for those girls planning out a future.

Meg also represents “moms” by being a mother herself. Through her work at eBay she has provided opportunity for those mom’s like myself, wanting to start an at home businesses.

Over the years I’ve seen many eBayer’s showing off pictures they had taken with Meg Whitman. I had dreams to have a photo taken with her one day too!

I attended eBay Live 2007 in Boston. It was my first eBay Live and I was a “Mom on a Mission!” I had a list of things to do and people I wanted to meet! My first day in town I became very lost driving around Cambridge of all places. I was trying to get to the eBay Education Specialist day that was a Pre-eBay live event. I wanted to be early and be prepared. After I finally found my way, I had no time to spare for parking; I went ahead and parked in a thirty dollar parking spot. Being the “Thrifty” kind of mom I was, this did not make me a happy camper to spend that kind of money on parking. But it was more important for me not to be late at any cost. I hurried into the elevator, trying to keep in my mind which floor I was on and where I parked my rental car. The doors opened to a lobby and I could smell the coffee. I went right in to prepare a cup and figure out where I exactly was.

Now keep in mind, I was a stay-at-home-mom for almost 10 years and never got out much. This was a BIG adventure for me! I was on my own! No husband, no kids in a huge City that I had just spent an hour of being lost in!

After I captured the moment a bit, I headed back to the elevator to go to the proper floor where the meeting was to be held.

I have coffee in one hand and my “pull along” floral bag that holds my purse, camera, video camera all my necessities in my other hand, wearing my T-shirt!

The doors open as I catch my breath and step out in to the corridor of this beautiful area. Much to my surprise, there she is, Meg Whitman!

I almost fainted as I realize who she was! She too was holding a cup of coffee and has a man on each side of her. They were all wearing matching suit jackets and looking very official.

And what do I do? I froze! I pretend like I didn’t know who she was and I walk on by. I focus on a greeter waiting for guests and walk directly to her as the words fall off my lips of shock “Where’s the restroom?” She pointed me in the right direction. I hurry inside and as the door closes behind me, I see my very red face in the mirror. Anxiety flushes over me! I notice I am alone! Thank goodness for that as I lean over the sink putting cold water on a towel and touching my face with it. Angry at myself for not speaking to Meg and yet “star struck” at the same time!

I felt like I had just blown the opportunity of a life time. I could have had a chat and coffee with Meg Whitman and I blew it!

The two days that followed, Meg was available for a limited time at a few photo shoot spots during eBay Live and it never failed, I would be a few minutes too late to get my photo with her. I watched others get a photo as tears filled my eyes that I again, missed my chance.

The final Gala day was the most amazing presentation! As I walked into the “Clapping tunnel” my emotions ran wild! I spotted Meg and hurried over to the side so that I could video tape her. I zoomed in and found a Tall eBay employee and asked him to film some footage for me of Meg. He was gracious enough to help me out. Holding my video camera above the crowed he zoomed in on Meg while she clapped and cheered for all those that entered into the Gala! Once the “rush” of that moment had started to calm, I sat at a table and my emotions poured out. I am a bit of an emotional person anyhow and it was as if all of the events had caught up to me. I sat by a beautiful lady in a wheelchair and her daughter. She asked if I was Ok and as I dried my eyes, I told her I was wonderful and that I had just hoped to get a photo with Meg and it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. She then told me how she had also adored Meg and she had sent her T-shirts and gifts. I was fascinated to hear her stories of Meg! I happen to be sitting with another true “Meg Witman Fan!”

We shared all of our amazing eBay stories. Soon another one of my friends approached me saying “Meg is posing for photos!” I hurried like a kid running for the candy store and was about 6th in line! I was so nervous, and kept telling myself not to cry! When my turn came, I introduced myself and thanked her for all she’s done. And she turned it around and started thanking ME! I was like “Does she know me?”

Well, I won’t flatter myself to think she knew me personally, but her kindness made me smile! Best of all I did get that photo and to me it was the perfect ending to my 1st eBay Live experience!

Rumor has it that she may be running for Governor! If this is true, I may have to move to CA, so I can join the campaign team!

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