Sunday, October 11, 2009

LipZipz eBay Blog Archive Jan.2009

NEVER lose your LIP GLOSS Again! It's RADICAL!

Hello eBay Blog Land!!!

I'm so excited about this new HOT product I found:

The cool thing about it is NOT ONLY is it excellent on my lips,
it is very hard to lose!
Because it has a pull out recoil device.
Hand it on your purse:

AND, when you're ready to use it,
pull it out and then it will go back into place:

Wear it on your jeans:

I am very picky about my lip products and this one is number one
in my book for sure!!!!

This is why I decided to start selling it because I am a TRUE FAN of the product.
Very cool to be able to sell what you LOVE and believe in on eBay!

There is also a clear LIP BALM available as well:

Visit my eBay store:



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