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Paperless Payments at eBay Protecting Buyers from Fraud

Paperless Payments at eBay Protecting Buyers from Fraud
Improved Checkout


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Publish Date: August 21, 2008
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Sellers will no longer be able to offer money orders or checks as a form of payment after October, 2008.

eBay is going “Paperless” which means PayPal will be the leader in payment options. Another company will be in available for those not wanting to use PayPal. A company called: ProPay.

Sellers with merchant accounts may continue to use their accounts and local pick-up is up to the seller if they would like to accept a check or MO at time of pick-up. If the payment is made through eBay, it must be an approved electronic payment method that is integrated through the eBay system.

eBay is simply trying to provide a consistent and secure system for buyers by providing an easy to use check-out procedure. Paying for items on eBay is safe, fast and secure. When buyers leave the eBay platform to pay for items, they are more vulnerable to fraud.

When I purchase an item on eBay, I never wait for the seller to send me an invoice. I instantly pay for my item through PayPal. I purchase the item and then pay for the item. It is a fast and reliable system to do business this way. Next step is only to wait for my item to arrive and give the seller a five star rating!

When I am teaching eBay, I especially talk about the importance of a simplified selling system. With eBay going paperless, the selling and buying system will be the simplest for both.

Bottom line:

* Improved checkout.
* Fewer Unpaid Items.
* Greater protection against online fraud.

NOTE to Sellers: I suggest you start removing the check/money order options from your listings now.

NOTE to Buyers: I suggest you join PayPal ASAP. PayPal is free to join and is used worldwide.

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