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Digital Delivery Changes at eBay

Digital Delivery Changes At eBay

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Announcement was made on Monday, March 24th by eBay staff, Brian Burke Director, Global Feedback Policy. As of March 31st no one will be able to sell items by using the digital delivery or electronic delivery methods that eBay has been providing for us over the last few years. These items will be allowed to be posted by using a classified ad. This means, we can sell and deliver them on our own, but no feedback will be exchanged through the feedback system. All the details can be read at: New Policy Update: Digital Downloadable Goods in Classified Ads Format Only.

My business has been personally affected by this and I have been making some major changes to my eBay Store as well as my website.

The good news:

eBay is keeping things safe and continuing to grow a better community for all members across the board! Many sellers are adjusting their selling styles and working out new selling solutions. eBook websites are popping up all over the net. Digital items do not only consist of eBook sellers, also affected are:


Store Designers

Auction Template Creators

Music Sellers

Basically anyone selling any type of digital delivery item on eBay.

I’ve started to put my eBooks on CD and selling them from my eBay store. I will be shipping them instead of offering as digital delivery. However, all of my ebooks will remain available in my store as a digital download until March 30th I will start to remove them on that date. If you’re looking to download something from eBay and pick up a bargain, better SEARCH while you can!

I also created “The Snail Mail Club!” My plan for this is to invite subscribers to receive one CD a month and join: / and This will be a fun addition to PowerSellingMom, Inc.

Since I was already a member at I downloaded my best selling eBook: “How To Be an eBay PowerSellingMom” into the system at LuLu is a free, self publishing website for writers and will provide digital delivery for eBooks sellers at no additional cost.

After the 31st, my eBooks on CD will be shipped worldwide. The advantage to purchasing my eBooks on CD is the buyer will get MORE than just the eBook because I hate to waste space on a CD. Although I’ve not found any Earth Friendly Cd’s as of yet, I will continue to look for different options to help keep my eBook prices within reason.

Another route I took, I’ve started to create PayPal “Buy Now” button tabs and place them on my high traffic website. Placing each button next to my eBay Selling Tool item so that buyers can easily pay through PayPal and receive a direct link to the PDF file eBook for an instant digital delivery! My eBook about this procedure will soon be available at my website!

I can now continue to provide quality tools to help eBay sellers grow and succeed!

This is a perfect example:

**When a door SLAMS shut on your fingers, dry your eyes and don’t give up!**

Start brainstorming for new ideas!

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’ve told my students for years and I still stand behind my statement: “When Plan A won’t work, never fear because there is always a Plan B!”

I have also believed that “Change is Good” even when it turns life upside down. I know that I know, there is “something” waiting for me to discover.

Stay tuned and keep PowerSelling!

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