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The Presidential Race at eBay

The Presidential Race at eBay
Polls are open and changing 24/7


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Publish Date: September 08, 2008
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The Presidential race is taking place at eBay 24/7. The polls are open and the votes change every day, hour and minute.

With this type of election, everyone is a winner! Especially "The People."

The people in this case are the eBay sellers and the eBay buyers. They are the winners because the sellers are selling items and the shoppers are finding the items they want. Both are winners in this election! A true win-win situation!

The numbers as of September 8, 2008 at approximately 10:30 AM EST are:


* McCain - 3802
* Obama - 7332

Keep in mind when you click on the numbers, they will be different totals than the numbers I have posted. They will be according to the current date and time that you are here viewing them.

The VP's running are also available at eBay and changing often:


* Palin 2460
* Biden 811

A few interesting searches I found:

* If I put both McCain and Obama into one, only 599 results came up.
* Palin and Biden in one search, the results are only 25
* All four names together: McCain,Palin,Obama,Biden:15
* Presidential Election Results with only 75 items.
* 2008 for President 229
* Democrat 2008 131
* Republican 2008 211

I keep busy by working on my site: I did a section for presidential wholesale items. The results on these "Polls" were just as interesting:

* Wholesale McCain 4
* Wholesale Obama 7

Sellers, if you have Presidential items, now is the time to get them listed.

Supporters of either party, at eBay you can find all kinds campaign items, From T-shirts to buttons. The race is on at eBay!

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