Sunday, October 11, 2009

ER w/Laura : eBay Blog Post: Nov.28, 2006

ER Night = Day Lost

When will these kids listen to us?
Does it ever change?

My daughter had a bad ear ache about 3 days ago,
I kept telling her go find a walk in Clinic or
call the health department (she's at college)

NOPE she waited till it was at night and
phoned me upset HER EAR HURT BAD!
My poor baby,
I told her:
"Get Ready the Ambulance is on the Way!"

I loaded up and had her at the Emergency room
by 9:45 PM.
Long story short and lots of madness,
The doctor gave her
some Antibiotics and we left about 6:00 AM !
Went back to her apartment and I fell asleep
on the Futon ..
Next thing I know, its 5:00 PM!!!!!!!!!

Lesson Learned and a Day Lost!

I am going to be gone all day tomorrow , listing at a Trading Assistant Location!!
I plan to list some really cool items tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Blessings, Danna ..<><...........

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