Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Faster process for unpaid items

Unpaid items:
Streamlined process cuts time in half.

If a buyer doesn't pay, you can open an "unpaid item" case through the eBay Resolution Center. Changes to this process, coming in September, will make it faster and more efficient to get resolution—either getting paid, or getting your Final Value Fees refunded and your inventory "back on the shelf."

  • Time to resolution will essentially be cut in half—from as long as 60 days to about 30 days—mainly as a result of reducing the emails and "back-and-forth steps. You can choose to start the process as early as 4 days after the item ends, and have it close as soon as 8 days after the item ends.

  • Fewer pages to fill out means opening and closing cases will be easier and less time-consuming. And you'll be able to contact Customer Support via phone or chat as well as email.

  • Email communications with your customers will be clearer and more neutral in tone and come from eBay (no more mandatory back and forth between buyer and seller). There will also be fewer emails overall.

  • You'll even be able to choose to have the process initiated automatically—especially helpful for sellers with very high transaction volume. The new automated process will roll out gradually starting at the end of September and we are planning to make it available to all sellers by the holiday season.

  • With the automated process, buyers won't be permitted to leave Feedback when a claim is open.
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Faster process for unpaid items

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