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Free eBay Templates: Posted Oct. 13, 2006

*** FREE Auction Templates ***

As Promised ... someone did ask me
About Templates!!!

Here are some GREAT SITES with easy to use templates!
Now you can DESIGN YOUR OWN!

Once you have designed your auction template and have it the way YOU like it.
Copy it and Paste it DIRECT into your WORDPAD.
Make a Template FILE.
Give each template a NAME.
Make it easy to FILL in the description and have all the
basics set up AS NEEDED.

AND please ................ keep your description LONGER
than your shipping terms! lol

No one likes to read on and on and on and on ...............
Long ....long terms will make people RUN for the hills ...
for fear there is SOME HIDDEN MEANING in all that mumbo jumbo .........

Easy to read!

Christmas/Holiday Templates

Can't wait to view some new Auction Creations!!!

Got a question?

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