Sunday, October 11, 2009

eBook Covers: eBay Blog Post: Oct 5, 2006

eBook Covers are FUN to Create!

Today I learned how to master making ebook Covers!
I have it down to a science now after lots of practice!

I will be busy creating covers to the many ebooks I have saved and will be putting into my store! It will indeed be a big project for me.

I have set a goal to set up at least 2 a day.
Since I have so many other items to list I thought 2 a day would be reasonable!

I try to set selling goals for myself every day.
I am the type that If I do not have a plan or a goal, then next thing I know POOF my day has disappeared.

Some distractions can add to not meeting goals,
but there are exceptions to every rule!

This will be the topic of my new Guide for today!

For now, here are some of the ebook covers I have designed!
I started an auction to sell this COVER CREATOR and I put some in my store with BUY IT NOW for those that don't want to bid.

They are fun for sure:

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