Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sold Coach Boxes: eBay Blog Post Oct.4, 2006

You too Can sell Empty Boxes!

Just had to share this valuable information!
Soon to write a guide about this!

I sold my empty boxes for $8.00!
Which is like getting an $8.00 rebate from my Coach purse purchase!

I bought a new Coach Purse at the Coach Store in St. Augustine last month.
My Mother and my Aunt bought one too!
You can ask for a Gift box with your purchase and extra tissue!

I had 3 boxes with a few extras and thought,
What the heck, lets put them on eBay and see how it goes!

This is a great lesson for all to learn!

When you buy something new, ASK for a FREE BOX
cause ya never know, you could sell it on eBay!

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