Saturday, October 10, 2009

eBay Blog Post: Sept. 21, 2006

36 min left on my TRADING Assistant ITEM !!

Posted Sep-21-06 16:19:42 PDT Updated Sep-21-06 16:21:43 PDT


Tractor Power Unit w/Trailer

36 min. Left and we are in the home-stretch of this listing!
This has 78 watchers and the price has not changed in the last few days!
Wonder if the reserve will be met?

This is an example for y'all to view of what its like being a:

I am selling this for a local person and I do get a percent of the sale,
IF It does sell!

I love being a Trading Assistant and I do want to encourage others to give it a try!
I plan on writing an e-book about it VERY SOON!

I hope to be able to get up to Tampa to gain even more information with the eBay classes. Can never learn enough about selling on eBay!

32 minutes to go!

Fingers crossed and silent prayer!!!!

2 HOURS LEFT on the two OUTBOARD Motors as well!
Selling these for the same Gentleman!
One motor did meet the reserve! yee-haw!

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