Friday, October 9, 2009

eBay Blog Post: July 7, 2006

Golden Palace Hit a HOME RUN!!!

This has been such an Awesome highlight of my eBay career!
The Baseball bat Charity auction! I just listed it for the 6th time!
It became quite a hit and was even number one on the pulse for a few days!
The Golden Palace Casino came in and won the bat giving the Arc of Hope the biggest donation yet of $132.50!

They paid in full and said "re-list it please"!

This has been the most rewarding item I have ever sold!

100% Charity!
And, another cool thing is that each person even pays the shipping fees which covered my eBay and paypal fees!

I thought for sure it would come to an end now. I thought the Palace would want to add it to all there treasures!

But they graciously had me list it again so that the Arc of Hope may
Continue on with a few more donations!

Blessings to all those that have helped WATCH this auction and to all those that have been a very big support!

Let's see who the NEXT Batter will be?

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