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eBay Blog Post: August 12, 2006

......... eBay IS my Livelihood ...........

GOOD MORNING eBay Land!!!!!!

Ready to start my day!
I have several items to add to my store today!

All this talk about closing stores and Boycott this and that, but HOW could I even think about this kind of thing? Even if I have to give ebay a few more pennies I will STILL make a profit and I will STILL get my paycheck this week!

eBay is my livelihood.
My bread and butter!
I love it and have been doing it since 1997.
I quit my job and have made it WORK ever since!

Ebay has allowed me to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) since 1998 when I quit my job officially and WENT FOR IT! I am sure glad I did because I am proud to say I never missed, NOT one:: Soccer Game, Football Game, Girl Scout event, Boy Scout Camp, Birthday Party, family event, Holiday.......
And was available to pick up a SICK kid from school INSTANTLY!

While other kids in the area were "Latch Key Kids" mine would come home to Fresh Baked cookies or some sort of yummy snack and ME waiting for them with open arms ready to hear about the day!

My children have been the most important thing to me in my life and because of eBay I could be there for them 24/7.

I had found my NICHE in life! I found a wonderful system that I simplified and managed. I could take a few days off and power-list those items as needed when I came back. I could go away and make money while I was gone!

It is the perfect system if you give it your all!
Work it out to meet your needs AND Simplify it to YOUR system!
THATS the Key .. to SIMPLIFY it and Stay FOCUSED!

The drama, message boards, and Chat rooms will NOT PAY YOUR BILLS !!!!!!!

Alas, My children have left the nest ((don't make me cry)) ..........

NOW ..........

I help and teach others to do what I did.
I published a Book last year (It's in my store btw) (wink)
& I wrote 2 e-Books :::
DEVELOPING an EYE for What to Buy !!!

I am working on my 4th book right now!
I also have put together simple step-by-step, easy to understand "info." items like:
Animation 101,
Background 101
Adding a Watch Code 101

I keep it all in easy to use terms ((see my feedback))

To sum it all up , since today is Saturday and this post is about ME ME ME
I must ask you to LOOK at my ME ME ME page now!

Give it a few min. and you will be able to watch the NEWS CLIP of a TV INTERVIEW I did with First Coast News! They contacted me because they heard about MY BOOK!!! Selling at Amazon and eBay. I was so over the moon they let me link it to my Me page! AND they gave me an Awesome Baseball bat that has been the LONGEST RUNNING AUCTION on eBay. People keep buying it, paying in full , tell me to keep it and list it again!!! 100 % Charity Auction!!!
I've listed it and sold it 8 times now!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Cool!

Ok, my sum it up did not sum it up SO NOW I WILL SUM IT UP !!!!!!!!!!

And to think I only came here to say GOOD MORNING and type something quick! WOW i was led to just ramble .... sorry .........
If anyone did read this, LONG read, THANKS BUNCHES
and for those that skipped to this part ........


Life is Good, Keep the Faith, Treasure your family and .......

Blessings, Danna .. <><......
psalms 91:11 .....

........................... comments left:

Danna, when you said your kids were out of the nest, I remembered the skydiving blog you did early on. Was that you with the twin girls? I just watched the video (again, I had watched it some time ago). We've got a celebrity in our midst!

Good Morning Danna ---- YOU GO GIRL !!! I wanna have you link me !!! LOL

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