Saturday, October 10, 2009

eBay Blog Post: August 10, 2006

The Joy of Success ~~ THANKS to eBay

What a Great eBay Day it was Today,
i must say!!!! ((smiles))

First off:
1) My car met the reserve! ((clap,clap,clap))
2) I made the pulse! ((yee-haw))
3) One of my group rooms reached 207 members! ((WOW))
4) Sold 6 advertising spots! ((jumping for joy))
5) Met an eBay friend and we are doing a Business
Card Swap! ((how cool is that?))
6) Local Radio Station contacted me AND wants to do an interview with me about the 1st book I wrote about Selling on eBay!
7) Jed Clampet Sent me a message on My space today! ((Granny moved out he said))

I just sold, from my eBay store :
Chic Faux Fur Shabby Pink Purse with Bon-Bon Tassel !!!

YOu have NO idea how long that purse sat in my store!!!!!!
I picked it up last summer at a CHURCH sale that was on a Sunday!!
I was like WHAT KIND OF A CHURCH has a Garage Sale on a Sunday??
yep you guessed it, a Jewish one!! Anyhow, I picked up that Gawdy purse and Never dreamed It would sell, but NEVER FEAR ....

I sold it!
Thank You Jesus!!!!

Thank you eBay for allowing me to feel the joy of success!!!!!

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