Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trenton Duckett Missing Child, eBao Blog post Oct.16, 2006

What would YOU do?

This Boy is STILL MISSING and it amazes me in this WORLD
WE live in that A child can be missing.

I know there are millions of missing Children in America.
It seems so unbearable to even THINK about.
I can not even imagine what it must be like to have your child missing??
I can not even comprehend it ...............

My heart has been with the father of a local missing boy named Trenton Duckett .....

Today I went to the grocery store and I watch for him every where I go.
I thought I saw him today in someones front yard.

I went slow and had to look and stare ..
then I thought WHAT AM I DOING?

Those people must of thought I was crazy but that little boy looked like him so much.
My husband said he didn't but I thought He did.

Should I call and report it anyhow?

Could it be possible?

My God, wouldn't it be SOMETHING if it was him?
But then if I did NOT call and find out later he WAS
staying at that house and some type of

harm came to him and then I DID NOT CALL!!!
My God,
How would I feel then?

I have been a bit of help on my MySpace page.
I have his picture posted and have been following the story
since day one.
Could it be I just want him to be found so badly that
I imagined that boy to look like him?

I am not sure what to do right now .........
What would you do?

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