Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shipping: eBay Blog October 20, 2006

Shipping Tape Sound = $$$$$

What a Beautiful Day!

I have to dig right into my shipping!
Went on a hunt yesterday for boxes.

Now I have my boxes all ready
with new shipping tape!

I'm back in action!

The goals will be to not only get my shipping done, BUT to protect my back during this time.
I tend to mess it up when I don't pay attention to all the bending and lifting.
Hows that go? "Bend at the Knees"?
I forget the proper way.
If anyone has a guide, send it my way please!

My kids used to HATE the sound of my shipping tape coming out of the dispenser. I would tell them " You should LOVE that sound cause every time you hear that sound, just think of MONEY"
That sound means Mommy can pay the bills this month!
Then it backfired on me, the more they heard the sound, the more "STUFF" they wanted to buy! hehe, can't win sometimes!!

ANYHOW, I have lots of shipping to do!

Will reward myself after each package
with a "blog Check"
Will check into blog land as my reward
now and then!!!

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