Sunday, October 11, 2009

eBay Blog Posted Nov. 11, 2006 : I hate to shop

I hate to shop!

What a Wonderful Day it was today!
My girls came by as they had the day off!
We went shopping and then IT HIT ME ...
I hate to shop!!!
While they tried on shoes and more shoes and
then wanted the same shoes and then had a spat
about shoes, I had flash-backs of WHY I hated
to shop!!!!
My girls could never decide over this dress or
that swim suit and on and on .. We would have
clothing on hold all over town and THEN still
end up back to the original shop where we left the
first item on hold! Geeesh ......
I was happy to get home and be done with that shopping!
I like eBay shopping WAY BETTER!!! lol

Will see what Sunday Brings!
Lots to do!!!

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