Sunday, October 11, 2009

eBay Blog Post October 31 , 2006


What a Long day it has been!
My costume today was a MULTI-TASKER!
I even sorted books in my office. I am ready to
clear everything OUT as I want to start the new year FRESH!
Good idea to get started now!
I was a Halloween Scrooge and kept the outside light off. Locked away in the house!

My mother said her and the dog dressed up and greeted Children! She is so full of life like that.
I still miss having little kids, I should of had more kids!
I miss doing all that stuff. Yet there is my mother with her DOG dressed up and greeting children.
Ok, I am a Halloween WICKED Scrooge .. lol
BAH-Humbug .. hmmm How would that go for Halloween?
Boo-Humbug! hehe
NIGHTY NIGHT and don't let the SPOOKIES Bite.. lol

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