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eBay Blog Post October 24 , 2006

Postmaster RULES Garage Sale BLUES

Love this crisp air!
Making progress on my Garage!
Will be ready to set-up shop for the Big Garage Sale this weekend!
Bring your BIG TRUCKS I am doing FILL-A-BAG sale on all the clothing items!
Fill a bag for 2 bucks!
I don't care about all the designer labels either,, lol
I just want it OUT OF HERE!

My Friend Tina that I sold all the clothing items for, she wants me to start on the Christmas Items instead of the shoes! So, I will start on that project next week!

THEN, I got a call from the post office last night and she said she is sending me back a package I had to the UK. She said I was abusing the package by inserting a sweater in it. That it may rip and it needs a box. SHE is the POSTMASTER so what do i say? She is sending it back to me today.
This was the first time I used that PICK UP service where they came to the house to pick up my packages. Anyhow, the lady that picked them up was NOT a happy camper when she saw how BIG they all were. I had 16 boxes and 8 of them were HUGE at about 30 pounds each.
WELL, the form on the net to request pick-up, it does not let you put the KIND of packages, just how many and weight up to 70 pounds.
I told her it was not my fault the form did not let me state this info ...... so, she was not happy, THEN Postmaster called with the Global Complaint .....
Off to a great start with using the Pick-up Postal Service!

OK, thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to my garage I must go!!

If I don't post for a few days would someone please file a missing persons report because it may mean my garage has sucked me in!!!!!!!!

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