Saturday, October 10, 2009

eBay Blog Post: August 27, 2006

___ No Drama ____ God BLESS This Day ____


Life is sure good TODAY!!

I love to wake up to a few sales and a few NEW friends at MySpace!

Such a Joy to drink my coffee while sending e-mail!
Sipping my coffee while answering the new questions sent to:
AskDanna that came in during the night.

I do love to meet new people and I enjoy most to encourage others to get on the SELLING PATH to Success!

I have learned SO MUCH since I joined eBay in 1997.
Now my children have left the nest.
I have the energy to teach others the tricks I have learned over the years!

AND, since writing is my TRUE LOVE,
I decided to incorporate it into my eBay World!

This is the GREAT THING about LIFE!

We pick our own paths to take. We chose our own Destiny!
Should I list items or should I play on message boards?
Should I answer email OR, should I waste time?
Should I get caught up in Drama?
Should I plan a strategy to turn eBay into PROFITS?
No one will pay my bills BUT ME ............

SO, on that note ........

Back to work!

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