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eBay Blog Post: August 26, 2006

FREE Auction Promotion & Get eBay CREDIT

Thanks to ALL that have been posting your auctions on my website!

I think it's a great way to share, exchange & Promote your items!
I have it set-up as a self-serve kind of thing!
You can add a photo as well as a LINK direct to your auction page!
Don't forget to add this code :

Add it to the end of your Store link or your item number link.
Add to the end end of your html.
Here is an example:

This is the link to the e-book I wrote:

Now, I would take that link and simply add the code
to the end of it so it would now look like this:

This will give me an eBay Credit if someone does indeed buy my book from the Link OUTSIDE of ebay.
You can read more about store Credits here:

Many eBay seller's do not even know about this AND need to take advantage of it! Those credits add up each month AND can help your eBay BILL go down a bit.

Thanks again to the new posts on my site!
any questions ... just .. AskDanna

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