Saturday, October 10, 2009

eBay Blog Post: August 24, 2006

Sell a HEAP sell it CHEAP

With Gas prices the way they are,
People have to be careful what they spend their money on.
Shoppers are looking for CHEAP items.

My feelings are that its time to drop prices.
Sell a HEAP and Sell it CHEAP.

Move it in, MOVE IT OUT!
Keep the flow going!

I was thinking the other day....
how TOUGH things must be for the single mom.

She works hard all day. Could have the baby in Daycare.
One in school. Comes home at the end of the day
The minimum wage does not go up , but the gas and milk does.

How can she make it?
How can it possibly even out?
The gas driving back and forth and just to pay for Milk is very expensive!
They both have gone sky high.
BUT ......
Her pay is still the same.

I can not imagine how people are making ends meet with no pay increase.

So..... keeping all this in mind ......... SELL YOUR STUFF CHEAP!

Clothing, school supplies, STUFF ........

Keep the shipping low ....... SELL MORE STUFF!


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